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Delicious Brazilian foods you’re missing out on

When it comes to food in Brazil, it’s diversifying and flavoursome cuisines reflect the country’s rich cultural melting pot. Thanks for its lush deep forests, unique plants and fruits that are widely available for a delicious meal. Amazons one-of-a-kind Açai Berry fruit is served in cafeterias as a refreshing smoothie. Unsurprisingly being a country with a large coastline and rivers, all kinds of seafood are plentiful to cater for all tastes and appetites. Don’t leave Brazil without trying these top 6 must-try dishes while you are in the country.

1. Feijoada

Feijoada is often considered as Brazil’s national dish more like a traditional stew. This delicious dish is a good combination of pork and beans, slow-cooked to its perfection and served over rice with fresh orange slices. In Brazil, Feijoada is often served on special occasions with many versions. Some Feijoada varieties are a little spicy and some are mild. Yet, Brazilians always prefer black beans, a mixture of salted, smoked and fresh meats on Feijoada.

2. Oxinha

Coxinha is a yummy stuffed snack and one of the most popular street foods in Brazil. This amazing and scrumptious Coxinha get its influenced from Latinos. It’s a savoury dough that is shaped into a drumstick with a creamy mixture of minced chicken salad filling added with mild spices, battered and air fried to perfection. They’re easy to eat on the go, and most importantly, they are deep-fried, crispy and delicious!

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3. Empanadas & Empadinhas

Empanada is one of the stuffed pastries that are widely available in South America, though there are distinct differences in each region. Brazilians have their version of stuffed pastries as ‘Empanadas’ and ‘Empadinhas’. Empadinhas are round shape, mini pies that come with an exotic filling of shrimp or salted codfish. Usually, Empadinhas are prepared with palm, sautéed onions, and black olives. It’s one of the very common ingredients which Brazilians add to their cuisines. Empanadas are stuffed pastries that have a sweet dough and sprinkled with powdered sugar before it’s served to make it a perfect contrast for the savoury filling.

4. Pao de queijo

‘Pão de queijo’ is a typical cheese bread that is traditionally served for lunch and dinner in Brazil. This Brazilian cheese bread is crunchy and crispy from outside, soft and chewy from inside, and its cheese flavour makes it tastier. Brazilian Cheese Bread is made using tapioca starch, eggs, and oil, with shredded cheddar cheese. Pão de queijo is best to try right after from the oven when it’s still warm and crispy

5. Moqueca Capixaba

‘Moqueca Capixaba’ is a delicious fish stew, known as one of the signature dishes in Brazil. Even though Moqueca stew is originated from Africa, the stew is widely popular among Brazilian’s when it comes to stews and for its distinctive taste. Moqueca Capixaba is usually prepared in a clay pot. It’s one of the Brazilian’s favourite dishes for its flavoursome combination of seafood, Urucum, coriander, tomatoes, fresh coconut milk, pepper, and dende oil are the main stars of this complex combination of flavours.

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6. Caipirinha

‘Caipirinha,’ pronounced as (kai-purr-reen-yah) is the national drink of Brazil. It is one of the most popular cocktails of the South American countries, each state has its way of making this incredible mix of a cocktail. The national cocktail of Brazil is made out of cachaça, lime juice, sugar and ice. Pretty refreshing and worth trying! The combination of sweetened lime and cachaça mix, you will have one of the most refreshing cocktails that you have ever tasted.

Hope you enjoy the food ride! Try to experience Brazil not only with your eyes but with all of your senses. Take a trip to Brazil to indulge in some serious feasting, Travel Center offers you tailor-made holiday deals for South American destinations. Call now and book your tickets for your much-awaited trip.

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