5 Annoying flight habits passengers have

We’re all guilty of annoying habits, but while most of us tend to keep it heavily undisclosed, some might not, and unfortunately that someone might be next to you. On a plane. For a long time. If you’re a frequent traveller, you might have experienced some of these habits first-hand or you might have even done them yourself. But in any way, keep reading out to find out what passengers (including myself) think to be the most annoying habits the person next to them could have! 

Keep reading to find out what passengers (including myself) think to be the most annoying habits the person next to them could have! 

1) Talking too much

By far one of the most annoying things your fellow passenger can do is talk too much, and believe me, you’re not going to know the value of listening to your playlist without any distractions until somebody keeps talking to you. It seems like there’s no option though, when they’re looking directly at you and going on about things you could not even remotely care about. But if you’re like me and have intense insecurity of coming across as rude then you’ll plaster an uncomfortable smile across your face and just keep nodding to everything they say (Which in retrospect to a lot of situations I’ve been in is the best way to politely cut a conversation short)

Note: I’m not saying having a conversation is bad, small talk is great! If you’re going to be stuck on the flight for more than an hour and you’re fed up with constantly refreshing your social media feeds, then talking to your fellow passenger would be a good idea to pass time. Emphasis on ‘small’ though, nobody wants to hear about the in-depth details of your travel itinerary. Make it a point to never overshare unless of course you feel like the conversation is going great and the person you’re having it with is as equally invested in the situation as you are.

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2) Getting too comfortable in their seat

Being inconsiderate is one thing, but to push your seat all the way back and not spare a moment’s thought about the passenger behind you is when you cross a line! Of course, this problem can be solved if one is willing to compromise and by ‘one’ I mean the one who uncontrollably reclines their seat. But if you really do need to recline your seat, just make sure it’s at a level where the traveller behind you is comfortable as well.

3) Invading your Personal Space 

If you’ve travelled a lot then there’s a solid chance that you’ve been used as a human pillow at least once and for those of you who are on the guilty side of this situation… just be courteous. It’s an unbearably uncomfortable situation for you, the other passenger and the flight attendant to be involved in, so try to stay on your side of the seat at all times no matter what.

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4) Drinking Too much

Alcohol definitely brings up all sides of person you didn’t want to see, especially when you’re stuck on a flight seat for an inescapable amount of time. If you do decide to drink though, make sure you do it responsibly (Even though those two acts simply don’t go together at all)

5) Being Audio Insensitive 

 Surprisingly, a recent survey taken by Expedia revealed that 29% of passengers reported their fellow passenger as being too loud, now this can mean a few things, first, it could mean the passenger next to them talks too loud and the second one is where the passenger can hear the loud music through the headphones of another. Want to take a guess which one everyone was more annoyed of? Well — it was the latter! Personally, I don’t find it much of a problem but hey, I’m not one to judge.

Have you ever had a bad flight experience because of the person seated next to you? If you have, then let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your story.

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