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10 reasons why you should visit Argentina

Argentina, country of South America, covering most of the southern portion of the continent is the second largest country in Latin America. The country has been enthusiastic about football and has created many iconic football teams over the years. Besides football, Argentina has many attractions that hold a special place in must see destinations.

Whether you’re planning to explore one of the beautiful cities or the abundance of nature, this wonderful country got you covered with museums, wonderful cultural life, traditional tango dance, distinctive wildlife, hills and glaciers, endless opportunities for adventure seekers, friendly people who are always into fun, amazing food and delicious wines. Argentina is home to a bewildering array of sights. So, if you are planning to tour Argentina, there are so many things to do and see, a day or two wouldn’t be enough to experience them all for a lifetime. Here are ten reasons why you should visit Argentina to have a memorable city break.

1. Bike Tour in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina, has great cultural potential with a glorious past. The city is massive, if you are planning to see the city’s main attractions in a train or any kind of public transport, you’ll still have to walk hundreds of miles for a better view. Most of the tourists enjoy bike rides in the city. So, rent a bike and explore the trendiest areas of Buenos Aires, which is packed with amazing buildings, paved streets and beautiful boulevards. A bike tour is an amazing way to explore the city quickly and to get the feel of the city. Go for a ride in bamboo bikes that can be rented cheap in the town from local guides. It’s an eco-friendly option to explore the town of Buenos Aires to sight the natural wonders and must-see destinations from the comfort of paddling a bicycle. When you’re on a bike tour, you can take different routes and stop by attractive sidewalks to get a better view of the surroundings and to taste delicious Argentine cuisine and get to know the culture of the Buenos Aires city.

2. Wine Tasting in Mendoza

What wineries to pick in Argentina! When planning to visit the city of wine. There are hundreds of winery choices in Mendoza. Whether your attention is drawn to architecture, ambience, landscapes, food or history, all Mendoza wineries are exceptional in their manner.

Argentina boasts the biggest land areas of Malbec grape crops in the world. Especially, Mendoza a city is famed as the largest Malbec producing region in the country.

Argentina’s soil is unique due to the rich minerals of alluvial sand, and clay soils. The ground conditions vary from different regions across the country. It is one of the reasons that you should visit all sort of wineries in Argentina to taste unique Malbec wines with distinct flavors. There are three stunning wineries in Mendoza you must visit namely ‘Luján de Cuyo’, ‘Maipú’, and ‘Uco Valley’. Here you can sample a variety of great wines and excellent food, which will make a perfect tour in Mendoza.

3. Asado Experience

It’s not easy to go vegetarian in the world’s biggest beef-eating nation. Argentina is the world’s second largest consumers of beef. The ‘Asado’ is a barbecue tradition that you can experience only In Argentina, it’s a significant event that no traveler should miss during their visit. You can taste different types of grilled meats along with red wines and beer.

Argentina’s barbecue method stands out with its proper fusion of the fats, salt, and flavors that the smoke gives to the meat. Take part in the tradition of Asado, which is an open invitation for a cooking session where you can grill meats and indulge together with your delicious creation. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of meat, delicious gooey provolone cheese baked in the parrilla, gourmet salads with mango and nuts toppings, and of course plenty of wines to savour the taste of juicy beef dishes. After a big meal, if you are craving for some sweets, try delicious fresh fruit tarts for dessert with a classic mate tea! This will surely be the most delicious meal that you’ve ever had during your stay!

4. Learn How to Dance Tango

Tango isn’t just a dance, it’s a tradition, a lifestyle, and an important aspect of Argentina’s culture. So, if you’re a keen dancer or curious spectator, you’ll have a real tango experience in Buenos Aires, where you’ll learn the history and culture of this passionate dance.

Visit the milongas, the historic neighborhoods of tango which is rich in culture and traditions, it’s worth taking a lesson on Tango and learn a few dancing steps for a better dancing experience with professional Tango dancers.

Tango dance is a blend of culture and style from the lively port of Buenos Aires and its one of the world’s most sensational dance that originated from Buenos Aires in the 18th century. Tango, the traditional dance of Argentina attracts dance enthusiasts and music lovers from all over the world and it’s one of Argentina’s most popular social dance and it’s very famous in the capital city but that doesn’t mean you can only have a tango moment in Buenos Aires. This magical dance can be experienced in many cities in Argentina because It’s popular all over the country.

5. Do shopping in Palmaro

Palmaro is a paradise for fashion lovers and it’s a lively neighborhood that offers endless shopping opportunities to tourists. Strolling through the cobbled streets of Palermo Soho’s you can find everything you need, from big fashion brands to small vintage shops. Explore the main streets that are packed with local fashion centres, cafes, eateries, ice cream shops, street arts, souvenir shops and it’s also a great place to pick up unique fashion pieces and handmade pieces of jewelry from local designers in the streets. The shopping experience in Palermo is truly delighting and there’s always something for all of us. You’ll also find some excellent shops with great offers on the street markets.

So, if you are planning to visit Palmaro, it’s worth purchasing a typical handcrafted souvenir back home, it will remind you of the beautiful shopping memories that you had on your journey.

6. Explore the ‘City of Dead’

La Recoleta Cemetery is a massive graveyard located in the heart of downtown in Recoleta district. The cemetery is famed for iconic tombs, ornate mausoleums that ranged in style from the gothic to Victorian and for its strange alleyways. The cemetery is nestled on the most expensive real estate in Argentina. It is also the eternal place for some of the most iconic people in Argentina, including Eva Perón, Raúl Alfonsín along with several past presidents. Wandering through the strange passageways, where you can see many dead city blocks in La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, which is extraordinary and lavish. Recoleta Cemetery is considered to be one of the most unusual cemeteries in the world, in 1822 the site was declared as the first official burial site of the city.

7. Aerial View of Iguazu Falls

It’s worth the cost to take a helicopter ride across the Iguazu falls to capture the beauty of the surrounding area, I’m so sure you won’t regret it because that’s the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life. Witness the panoramic view of the water wonderlands of Argentina in the comfort of being in a cozy seat of a helicopter. Iguazu falls is also known as ‘Big Water’ and it’s the world’s largest waterfall system that separates Argentina’s Misiones province from Paraná in Brazil.

Let’s look at the history of Iguazu Falls, do you know it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, it is also one of the most remarkable attractions in the world that features over 300 waterfalls.

Be amazed by the surroundings of Iguazu falls as you fly across the world’s largest broken waterfalls. This ultimate journey is perfect to take unparalleled pictures and videos as well.

8. El Chalten the Trekking Paradise

El Chalten is a little town located in the heart of Argentinian Patagonia, with a unique valley, this mountain paradise is much more popular as the national capital of trekking, with its breathtaking views of the most beautiful lakes, glaciers, forests, and trails will lead you to the majestic Mount Fitz Roy. A destination for countless desires and challenging adventures that you definitely can’t miss when you’re in South America. Although it’s a small town, it has all the services and infrastructure to accommodate travelers from around the world. Professional hikers, curious tourists, adventurers and amateur backpackers from different regions flock into El Chalten each year to see the beautiful panoramic view on a never-ending prairie with the lake Viedma appearing on the side. Most of them prefer to relax in this secluded place on the mountain and hike to be a part of the amazing nature that gives a picturesque view of the mountains than the ones you’ve seen so far.

9. Carlos Thays- Botanical Garden

There are numbers of beautiful parks and green spaces in Argentina. One of the most remarkable is the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden in Palermo. Stroll in the red gravel paths that lead you into the deeply shaded areas of the garden brimming with six thousand plant species, trees and shrubs, as well as many sculptures, monuments, and five greenhouses. This place is ideal for a town break to get in touch with nature and forget that you are in the heart of a busy town.

There is a small butterfly garden which will catch your attention. If you really wanna peek over to watch almost 50 types of different butterfly species, then make sure to visit the garden on a Saturday which is open to the public from noon to 1:00 p.m. In the butterfly garden, you are free to wander in the sunny paths under the fronds of flowering trees while colourful butterflies fly around you. It’s truly a magical experience that you should not miss in this beautiful garden.

10. Take part in Fuerza Bruta

‘Fuerza Bruta’ in Buenos Aires’ is a theatrical experience that floods the senses with music and kinetic aerial dance performance. It is a high energy show full of surprises which is a sensory delight that keeps you captivated for one hour.

This theatrical thrill ride combines euphoria inducing live music and amazing aerial displays and its worth the time and money to witness this amazingly creative show to enjoy the vibrant performance of wonderful artists, creative features with sound and get drunk and the enjoy the most amazing experience of your life! You also can join the after-show party to dance with a crowd full of energy with DJ. Fuerza Bruta is highly popular in the region, and the theatre gets packed with people. So, make sure to buy tickets ahead to avoid the long queue at the entrance.

Argentina is one of the United States most beautiful region, which is why it’s one of the most popular among globetrotters.  Want to experience the best of South America?  Then call Travel Center UK now, and start planning your trip to these jaw-dropping destinations in Argentina.

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