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Where you should be in February: Top holiday destinations for 2020

Where you should be in February Top holiday destinations for 2020

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, there’s no shortage of destinations when it comes to holiday planning. Are you looking for the best places to visit in February? Explore this list of destinations that offer you everything from beach holidays to exciting adventures and romantic Valentine ’s break. February is a month that keeps you entertained with crazy celebrations and the perfect temperature to indulge in sunny destinations.  Discover the best places to travel in February 2020 and plan for an exciting getaway. We’re sure you’ll find somewhere amazing to spend your holidays chilling on a tropical island or a city break.



Singapore is a dreamy destination! Whether you opt for a romantic time with your partner or solo travelling experience. It’s a country that will marvel you with man-made wonders and beautiful nature. Singapore is a thriving global financial hub and known as one of Asia’s economic “tigers.”

From a magnificent display of water to vibrant lights and beaches, Singapore is all about sci-fi architecture, marvellous gardens, contemporary art and striking hotels. It’s a country that never fails to disappoint any of you as there are many places in Singapore with amazing things to do, see and eat.

Places to visit in Singapore

Changi Point Coastal Walk
Changi Point Coastal Walk

Is one of the most romantic places to visit in February. Changi Point in Singapore is known for its coastal walk with stunning views of the sea and offshore kelongs. Take a moment to indulge in lush greenery as you enjoy a stunning sunset with your loved one.

Gardens by The Bay
Gardens by The Bay

If you are in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is a place that you can’t skip from your itinerary. See exotic plants under the electro lights, stunning water-conserving trees and man-made mountain biome. You will see the future of hi-tech at this awesome place in Singapore.

Why you should visit Singapore in February

Chinese New Year starts in late January to mid-February. So, you are sure to find some exciting things to do in this country with celebrations. This is a festival is known as the most important holiday to Chinese people all over in Singapore. This festival also marks the wane of the monsoon.

Famous Singapore Food

● Hainanese Chicken Rice
Hainanese chicken rice

Hainanese chicken rice is known as Singapore’s national dish. It’s rice, cooked in chicken fat, chicken stock, pandan leaf as well as ginger and garlic. Don’t forget Singapore serve some of the world’s best street foods too where you can find a plethora of vibrantly delicious yet affordable meals for hawker fare.

Where to stay in Singapore

Mercure Singapore On Stevens: Whether travelling for business or leisure, you will enjoy a cultural urban retreat as rooms are influenced by colonial black and white houses.

Things you should never do in Singapore

Don’t smoke in public: In Singapore, smoking is illegal and prohibited in most of the public places. Don’t smoke or drop a cigarette in public transportations, lifts, taxis, cinemas, theatres, air-conditioned offices, restaurants, and shopping centres.

Temperature: 31°C high; 25°C low

Season: Monsoon



We all know Brazil is famous for football though some of us are unaware of its stunning buildings, picturesque mountains, sparkling cascades, lakes and sun-kissed beaches are more exceptional. These wonders with serenity make Brazil an attractive and a surreal destination for tourists who are looking for a relaxing getaway.

Places to visit in Brazil

Christ The Redeemer

Christ The Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ which symbolise the culture, religion and the welcoming nature of Brazilians. This statue is also one of the 7 wonders of the World, which overlooks the city from the Corcovado Mountain’s summit. Go on a hike and enjoy the scenes in the most magnificent viewpoints of the city.

Why you should visit Brazil in February

February is a good time to visit Brazil with Rio carnival in place. Rio De Janeiro is one of the most populous states of Brazil which is famous for its Carnivals. If you are here for February, Rio will delight you with groovy vibes! From natural bays to concrete jungles, there are countless things to do in Rio de Janeiro for making the most of your stay in Brazil.

Famous Brazil Food


Feijoada, Brazil’s national dish is more like a stew with a combination of cooked pork and beans, served over rice with fresh orange slices. Feijoada is mostly served as a special meal on occasions with many versions.

Where to stay in Brazil

Hotel Fasano Angra dos Reis: Fasano Angra dos Reis is a hotel known for warm hospitality with impressive facilities, golf course and spa retreats. Classic Brazilian furniture and large rooms are specially designed to let you enjoy the private space in serenity

Things you should never do in Brazil

Don’t wander in favelas: Favelas like ‘Vidigal’ in Rio de Janeiro are safe to walk around. Though the most of the favelas are not recommended to visit unless you know a local that will guide you there.

Temperature: 31°C high; 25°C low

Season: Dry

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