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Want to Plan Your Holiday in Dubai Post COVID? Here’s What You Need to Know!

As the pandemic gradually lessens, it has resulted in countries opening up its borders while slowly lifting its travel restrictions to the world. Amongst these countries is Dubai, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. So, here are some useful information on your holiday in Dubai post-COVID, the travel requirement’s, as well as what Dubai is doing to keep you safe.

Requirements When Travelling to Dubai

From 1st August, all tourists, residents, citizens, and transit passengers need to provide a valid negative PCR test. COVID-19 certificates that are negative would have to be in effect for 96 hours from the time the PCR test it’s taken.

  • Tourists may test at any lab recognized by their health specialists in their country, and there is no need for the test to be translated.
  • Check on the entry visa requirements to the UAE.  
  • If you don’t have global coverage make sure that you have medical travel insurance before travelling. Sign an affirmation to bear all quarantine and treatment costs and complete the Health Declaration Form before leaving to ensure the passenger has no COVID-19 symptoms.
  • The traveller will bear the COVID-19 treatment and isolation cost unless their carrier is Emirates; Passengers travelling to and from the UAE and worldwide will automatically get a free worldwide cover for COVID-19 related expenses until the 31st of December. Please see the following link for further information and terms and conditions.  
  • Please check with your airline carrier if you arrive in Dubai from a destination that will require a second test on arrival.   
  • If any traveller shows symptoms of COVID-19 the airlines have the right to deny them boarding.
  • Please check your country’s travel advisory for the latest guidance on outbound trips along with the carrier requirements when planning your holiday in Dubai.  
Holiday in Dubai

Procedures Upon Arrival at Dubai Airports

  • All arrival passengers would have their temperature checked using thermal screening devices.
  • Tourists can take the test once they arrive, but only if they do not have a valid PCR test result.
  • A second test is taken at the airport should any travellers display COVID-19 symptoms on arrival. The tourists who had tested negative before leaving but who have COVID-19 symptoms on arrival can have the test repeated. A 14-day quarantine is mandatory for all tourists who display COVID-19 signs on arrival and are re-tested and shows a positive COVID-19 result. 
  • The UAE has set up several drive-through COVID-19 testing centres across the country. The test results would be sent via the COVID-19 DXB app within 24-hours. 14-day Quarantine is mandatory for those who tests positive, and are afterwards required to get re-tested.
  • Follow all the safety measures applied in Dubai (wearing masks, keeping 2m social distance, and washing hands frequently).  
Holiday in Dubai

For Tourists Testing Positive for COVID-19

When on your holiday in Dubai Post-COVID, you need to comply with the COVID-19 Command and Control Centre, with the procedures set out for positive cases including home quarantine, institutional quarantine, or hospitalization.

Holiday in Dubai

What is Dubai Doing to Keep You Safe?

From the minute you arrive at the airport, to checking into your hotel, even if you go shopping with your family, treat them to the excitements of a waterpark, or calming day at the beach, Dubai is entirely committed to following the guidelines and measures to ensure that your family’s health remains their top priority, they have guaranteed that your wellbeing is protected every step of the way.

Holiday in Dubai

Holiday in Dubai Post COVID

Being one of the UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) main destinations, many people think that Dubai is the last place on earth they need to travel too. Yet, there is something appealing about this city that would inevitably draw you to it – at some point in your life, you will want to visit.   

Magnificent, shiny skyscrapers, futuristic structures, attractive beaches, sand dunes; fine dining; marvellous all-inclusive accommodation options, shopping at Dubai Mall, and adventure-filled encounters all make Dubai holidays worthwhile.   

You need to make a point to take a holiday in Dubai Post COVID. Why not plan your next holiday here? It’s well worth your time to visit The Pearl of the Middle East.

For you to enjoy this destination and everything it has to offer you have to know that since the COVID-19 pandemic hit there have been new guidelines that have been introduced that need to be followed by all travellers on their holiday in Dubai.

  • Once you arrive in Dubai, you need to wear a mask in all public places, or you will have to pay a fine of 3,000 dirhams ($817).
  • Taxies allow just two passengers, other than if it’s a minivan hailed by the airport ground staff or the Careem app, and it’s mandatory to wear a mask. The Dubai Metro is running and sterilized with social distancing in effect.
  • Theme parks in Dubai also require you to wear a mask, and every other seat has to be empty if it’s not taken by a family member, and you need to keep a two-meter distance from each other.
  • Thanks to the strict travel guidelines, sterilizing measures, and restrictions on group gatherings enforced by UAE authorities, Dubai is gradually going back to normal.

More Details on Planning Your Holiday in Dubai

The Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai is warm throughout the year, November to April is the best time to plan your holiday to Dubai, usually in the winter months. The busiest months are January and February because that’s when the Dubai Shopping Festival is held in the Dubai Mall. As a result, the sites in Dubai get quite congested, resulting in the airfares, and hotel charges increasing.  

Climate wise, to travel to Dubai winter is the perfect time because it is a little cooler and it makes it possible to take part in outdoor activities.  

I advise you not to travel between April and October, because that’s when the heat is at its highest, it passes 40 degrees Celsius. The weather is likely to be warm, and more than that, it is so hot that any outdoor pursuits are gruelling. During April and October, you can only visit shopping malls and all air-conditioned places.  

Holiday in Dubai

Where to Stay During Your Holiday in Dubai

A popular destination like Dubai has no shortage of marvellous accommodation options, to the point that some say that Dubai is worth visiting solely to experience a magnificent hotel. You can choose to stay downtown in one of Dubai’s super-luxury hotels, so you can be close-by to attractions such as the Dubai Fountain and be next-to Jumeirah Beach, or alternatively, there are other wide ranges.

You can check Travel Center’s Destination E-Books “The Ultimate Guide to Your Dubai Experience” for some of our itineraries and the various hotels we include.  

Getting Around Dubai

Like any major metropolis and tourist area, you will experience high traffic during your holiday in Dubai. There is also rush hour traffic. But, keep in mind that the work week in Dubai is Sunday to Thursday. Their weekend days are Friday and Saturday. It influences the time it takes by car/taxi travelling from one location to the next. During the weekends, the traffic is less.    

You can experience Dubai from a unique vantage point utilizing several transport modes available to Dubai’s traveller. With regards to Taxis, you have to make sure you use the regular cabs, not the extravagant ones, and check if there’s a meter in the taxi, and you could ask from one place to the next what the charge would be. The Metro system is convenient in terms of price, speed, and it’s the best bet against traffic, but there were instances that I had to change trains and wait for a long time as it was a weekend and the distance to the Metro in the Dubai mall was a long walk! Another alternative method to explore is the hop on and hop off buses situated at the Dubai mall for pickup. If you decide to get around Dubai this way, start early in the morning, travel during the weekend, or buy a multi-day pass.  

  • Holiday in Dubai
  • Holiday in Dubai

What to Wear in Dubai?

It’s something that most travellers worry about when travelling to the United Arab Emirates, particularly the ladies intending to go for a holiday in Dubai. Tourists and ex-pats wear everyday clothes. The one time I wore a traditional hijab, and abaya was when I went to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I guess that it’s the same when visiting any mosque.

You might want to keep in mind that while dining at restaurants in Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab to wear closed-toe shoes with pants, or long skirts for ladies with your shoulders covered.

Holiday in Dubai

Do They Converse in English?

I discovered that several people were fluent in conversing in English, and the road signs, menus, literally all the sign posts were in Arabic, and English. It made it very easy to travel during my holiday in Dubai.

Well, there you have it, everything you need to know about why you should take a holiday in Dubai Post-COVID. Comment below and let us know what you think. Are you open to travel to Dubai soon?

Holiday in Dubai


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