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Valentine’s day ideas: A romantic getaway from New York to Paris

It’s arduous to keep the romance alive with never-ending work schedules and spending time as a couple, newlyweds or maybe even parents who have managed to squeeze in some alone time without the kids, which is an impossible task. But a well-planned getaway can be the perfect solution to break out of the norm and let the romance spark between you and your significant other! Since this is the month of love, we have come up with some Valentine’s Day Ideas for the most romantic getaway that you and your loved one would unquestionably need, to bring out the essence in your relationship.

Explore the cities of hopeless romantics: New York & Paris

I certainly understand the predicament of choosing the best destination, because the list of places would never end! Don’t worry, because I have saved you the trouble of going through that near-impossible task of creating some Valentine’s day ideas on your next romantic getaway. Along with a blend of intimacy, adventure and leisure, creating the mood for romance, will have you lovestruck at first sight!

Whether you are looking for some inspirational Valentine’s day ideas, going on a honeymoon, proposing, or simply planning a getaway to rekindle the romance, Travelling is the perfect option to foster memories that would last for a lifetime. This escape from New York to Paris will be something truly magical to treat that special someone, and there is no time like the present for a romantic getaway to spark the flame, set the mood and fall in love all over again!

Before you start packing your bags, let me know your thoughts in the comments below, tell me what Valentine’s day ideas do you have in mind? What do you look for in terms of a romantic getaway, and where is your go-to romantic destination? 

New York City

New York City has something captivating that makes it very irresistible. It is possibly one of the best cities to fall in love, or for the ultimate romantic getaway with the one closest to your heart. Visiting New York is a wonderful way to experience love, whether you’re looking for a dreamy holiday or a restful break. You are bound to cherish the stunning views, soothing dwellings, and hip adventures! With such diversity across the state, you can come across many Valentine’s day ideas and enjoy your dream idea of romance in this cosmopolitan city as well.

Valentine’s Day ideas - The Empire State Building

Take in the views of the city from the Empire State Building

When Visiting New York, climbing the prestigious Empire State Building and enjoying the city’s fantastic views is one of the most romantic things you can do. Look at the stunning cityscape through the windows at the two observatory decks in the building.

Watch A Classic Broadway Show

While you are at Times Square, you can catch a show at the Broadway Theatres, and it will be an unforgettable part of the New York experience.

Valentine’s Day ideas - A Classic Broadway Show
Valentine’s Day ideas - The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Walk amidst the flowers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

There is nothing more romantic than spending time with your loved one beneath the pretty blossoming cherry trees in Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And this popular activity is one of the best Valentine’s day ideas.

Murmur 'I Love You' at Grand Central Station

The Grand Central Station is one of the most famous places to visit in New York among couples. Stand in the opposite corners of the concourse at the Whispering Galleries, and whisper sweet nothings across the hallway.

Valentine’s Day ideas - Grand Central Station
Valentine’s Day ideas - The Brooklyn Bridge

Stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

Take a stroll hand in hand with your loved one across Brooklyn’s iconic cable-stayed bridge to witness the magic of the night lights of the city.

Roam along The High Line

Walk along the famous High Line, an excellent place for couples to unwind and capture some pictures. Overlook the glorious Hudson River, large murals, and downtown New York’s skyline.

Valentine’s Day ideas - The High Line
Valentine’s Day ideas - Cocktail at a Speakeasy

Sip on a cocktail at a Speakeasy

Enjoy a romantic date night at one of New York’s charming Speakeasy bars that serves up some of the world’s best cocktails.

Go on a Sunset Cruise

Speaking of Valentine’s day ideas, watching the sunset in New York is always a magical moment. The best way to experience it is to take a romantic cruise, taking lots of epic photos.

Valentine’s Day ideas - Sunset Cruise
Valentine’s Day ideas - Classic Movie Date

Classic Movie Date

There are plenty of unique movie theatres in the city that are ideal for a romantic date night. You could even watch a movie in the open air, the Rooftop Cinema Club in the Embassy Suites.

Picnic at Central Park

Grab a basket of snacks, drinks, and a picnic blanket and you’re all set for a romantic afternoon of fun on the Grand Lawn. Central Park is one of the top places to visit in New York that offers stunning Manhattan skyline views.

Valentine’s Day ideas - Central Park

What other romantic things you would suggest to do in NYC? 

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Ah… Paris! No place on earth can beat Paris when we talk about classic romantic getaways. The city is blessed with a plethora of Valentine’s day ideas! Endless arenas of fairy-tale beauty and romantic sights, with its Art Nouveau architecture, quaint little cafés, and Pied-à-Terre–style boutiques, no other place in the world can be more lovey-dovey than spending your time together in the most romantic city in the world. This is the City of Love, after all! So, if you are looking for the perfect escape and celebrate togetherness, visiting Paris will do the trick!

Valentine’s Day ideas - Take photos near the Eiffel tower

Take photos near the Eiffel tower

Travelling with your better half is all about making new memories. Taking pictures at the iconic Eiffel tower is the best way to keep your memories alive when visiting Paris.

Watch the shimmering lights of the Eiffel tower

Paris at night is truly magical, and adding up to the glamour, the glistening Eiffel tower sparks a romantic vibe as you hold hands with your loved one and stand side by side.

Valentine’s Day ideas - The shimmering lights of the Eiffel tower

Visit the Museum of Romantics

One of the best Valentine’s day ideas when visiting Paris is to pay a visit to the museum of Romantic Life. Marvel on the recreation of the era of Romanticism as you experience the “romantic life” of bygone days.

Boat along the lakes in Bois de Boulogne Parc

Spend a romantic day in Paris as you cruise away with your loved one, and take in all the beauty of nature and the tranquillity, offered at Bois de Boulogne Parc.

Valentine’s Day ideas - Grand Central Station
Valentine’s Day ideas - The Brooklyn Bridge

Take a stroll along the banks of Seine river

It’s a romantic notion to walk with Bae right by your side in Paris, but a close walk along the Seine river is one of the most romantic things to do in Paris.

Go on a French food tour

This is mainly for the foodie couples, Paris and France, are well-known for having some of the world’s best cuisines. So, indulge in the famous and delicious French food on a food tour for couples.

Valentine’s Day ideas - The High Line
Valentine’s Day ideas - Cocktail at a Speakeasy

Visit the "I love you" wall

This is a place that many couples visit and is one of the most romantic Valentine’s day ideas in Paris. It is also one of the best places to take pictures for Instagram. This love wall features 311 “I love you” in 250 different languages.

Seal your love with a lock at the love bridge

It is a tradition that lovers have been doing for many years, continues to grow and is one of the best Valentine’s day ideas for couples when visiting Paris. So, pledge your love to each other and fulfil this Parisian tradition.

Valentine’s Day ideas - Sunset Cruise
Valentine’s Day ideas - Classic Movie Date

Go on a magical sunset cruise along the Seine river

Cruise along the Seine river during the evening and take in the river’s breeze, admire tourist sites and enjoy a radiant sunset for an ultimate experience!

Take a spin on the big wheel at Tuilerie

Take a spin on the big wheel in Paris at the Tuilerie parc, as you delight in a glass of champagne and enjoy the stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and other primary attractions in Paris.

Valentine’s Day ideas - Sunset Cruise

If you have any Valentine’s day ideas in mind to sweep your sweetheart off their feet, why not take your sweetheart on a romantic getaway that will linger in your hearts for a lifetime? Consider visiting New York and then Paris. Travel Center UK offer bespoke holiday deals which will help you and your significant other, plan a perfect romantic getaway! 


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