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Un-stirred holiday destinations: is it safe to travel?

Un-stirred holiday destinations: is it safe to travel?

CORONAVIRUS, now known as CoVid19 is a global epidemic, widespread in at least 32 countries. Many holidaymakers are likely to be gearing up for a vacation, but fear of the deadly virus could be cause for concern and most of the are cancelling travel plans for the upcoming Easter holidays. With several airlines cancelling flights to affected regions, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices issuing warning against travel to affected areas. As the Easter holidays approaching fast, the fear of the virus doesn’t have to stop one from delighting in a good holiday. 

Listed below are a few holiday hotspots, that remains unstirred from CoVid19 and could be your escape.


Poland is one of the last-minute holiday destinations thanks to its mix of art, history and culture. And a European hotspot for a perfect for a budget holiday. Poland, offers an array of city break options, proving that urbanised travel is now on the popular for all ages of travellers, and there is something for everyone in the country to enjoy.


Hungary is home to a range of coastal and urban holiday options. One of its most popular destinations is Budapest, beautifully perched on the banks of the Danube River. Like Poland, Hungary is also rich in art, culture and entertainment. Whether you want to roam about the historical city by day or dance the night away in the Budapest, the city offers a little bit of everything.


For those looking for a beach holiday for a good tan, Turkey is the ideal destination. There is no city in the world compares to Istanbul. Istanbul is the cultural heart of Turkey. The birthplace of empires that contains layers and layers of history.


Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali boasts of a rich and diverse culture with a myriad of temples, dramatic volcanoes, mountains, pristine beaches, eye-pleasing lush green fields and is a family family-friendly paradise. Bali’s opulent heritage, many breath-taking views and very hospitable people take Bali’s pure charm to another level.


A tailor-made destination for travellers. Beautiful landscapes with mountains and deserts, on lower ground, there are jagged coastlines, waterfalls and caves in forested hills. centuries-old trails of heritage with urban streets. Relax on panoramic sundecks, and enjoy the inviting flavoursome cuisine.


Mauritius is famous for clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and luxury resorts. There’s so much more than just the beach. Forests and mountainous interior and diving and snorkelling offshore. Mauritius is a fabulous culinary hub and great for wildlife watching.


Kenya, a silhouette on the savannah. The palm-studded coastline of the Indian Ocean, with epic landforms filled with Kenya’s history, are the locals who boast rich culture. The land of the Masai Mara, Kenya is the perfect place to answer Africa’s call of the wild, with its abundance of wildlife. 


The Caribbean remains a holiday hotspot for travellers worldwide and a favourite long-haul winter sun destination. Situated in the Indian Ocean, the eastern Caribbean hotspot offers white sands and pristine waters. It’s a tropical sanctuary from the epidemic sweeping the globe and could be the ideal place to relax. 


Just like Barbados, Jamaica offers a similar exotic vibe, and hours of sunshine, another destination which remains popular amongst holidaymakers. Nestled in the Caribbean Sea, travellers can expect more than just a beach holiday.


South America remains free of the virus and could provide the ultimate holiday destination for those hoping to reach the Americas, that’s why Mexico is the ideal spot for a long-haul vacation. Mexico delivers beautiful coastlines, colonial charm, amazing food and ancient Mexican cultures.

However, The World Health Organisation states that it is still safe to travel. Appearing on a Coronavirus update video, Dr Carmen Dolea, The Head, IHR Secretariat at the World Health Organisation said.

Dr Richard Dawood, a Travel Medicine Specialist from Fleet Street Clinic, has also urged travellers not to cancel holiday plans, and instead, exercise in good hygiene practises and a travel insurance policy, which should be sufficient to keep vacationers safe. Having a good travel insurance cover that could take effect in short notice if government advice changes. Keep a careful eye on the FCO and PHE websites for the latest information on risks and restrictions. The virus is spread by airborne droplets carried in exhaled air, coughs, and sneezes, from a person who is already infected. Hard surfaces can become contaminated by falling droplets, or by direct or indirect contact with nasal secretions, which can, in turn, contaminate the hands of others. This is why it is vital to regularly wash hands or use hand sanitiser. Planes with a functioning air filtration system are very safe. And there are plenty of other holiday destinations across the globe that remain unaffected.

How to be safe from CoVid19 while travelling?

Regardless of whether you are travelling to a country which has been infected by the Coronavirus or not, you may still have some concerns about the spread of disease in busy airports and on transport systems. Here are some methods to keep the Coronavirus at bay;

  • Drink water at regular intervals to keep your throat from drying.
    If you show even slightest symptoms of common cold or flu, go and see a doctor immediately.
  • Always use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean; This is backed up by The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention which adds: “Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.”
  • Wear protective facemasks; Facemasks are of limited value; high filtration masks are protective.
  • Flu Vaccines – it won’t protect you against coronavirus but will protect you from having an illness that could easily be confused with it.

keep a close watch on official recommendations and advice and follow expert guidance.

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