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UK reveals glimpse into the future of aviation: Electric powered passenger flights in 2023

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  • UK to welcome electric-powered passenger flights in 2023
  • Experts working on converting a flight to a hybrid-electric aircraft
  • Government grants £9 million on Electric powered flights

Officials of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) made an announcement lately that they will be launching their electric-powered passenger aeroplanes in the UK and it will be operational within three years.

CAeS on Monday said they have been working on developing the UK’s first electric-powered aeroplanes coming as early as 2023.

They also highlighted that the experts of CAeS will be creating a hybrid-electric aircraft by fitting an existing nine-seater plane with the latest battery technology.

The spokesperson for Cranfield University said the new aircraft will be capable of taking off and flying short routes fully electric while a low emission engine will work to recharge the aircraft’s batteries during the flight.

The UK government and aviation industry have funded this project with £9 million and granted permission for remodelled Britten-Norman Islander to operate under 100 % electric power for short flights

As air travel is more accessible than ever before, most of the airlines are taking steps to make awareness to the public about the impact of aviation emissions on the environment. Industry experts and airlines are also trying to improve the environmental credentials of air travel and reduce their carbon footprint.

The electric-powered flight will not only make the act of flying cheaper. It will revolutionize how the aeronautics industry impacts the global environment. According to recent studies, each year aeroplanes release around 500 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, representing a significant contribution to global warming.

These electric-powered aircraft will burn no fuel and emit zero emissions. Instead, the plane will use an all-electric motor powered by a single battery. In 2030, you will most likely be able to buy a ticket for a flight on an electric aeroplane capable of commuting lot more passengers.

It’s not a surprise that other aviation companies showing a significant interest in electric aircraft. Eviation Aircraft an Israeli aviation company also stated, that US carrier Cape Air is going to be their first customer for its electric aeroplane called Dubbed Alice in this year’s Paris Air Show. The Dubbed Alice aircraft is scheduled for 2021 certification.

Airbus will be working on the E-Fan X hybrid-electric project and they have created a concept aircraft with a design that mimics a bird of prey, with plans to make it a hybrid-electric turbo-propeller aircraft.

Ampaire, a Los Angeles-based aviation company in July announced it would start testing aircraft partly powered by electricity on some commercial routes later in 2019.

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