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Travel Warning: Spain debates closing hotels due to fear of Covid!

Spain has issued a travel warning and will debate on whether the country will close hotels due to growing waves of infections in Europe.

Spain is a popular destination for UK holidaymakers. Many travellers visit the sun-clad country to get away from the winter over Christmas.

However, if the unexpected travel warning comes into effect, tourists with holidays booked over the next few weeks/months could be impacted.

According to several reliable sources, Spain’s Public Health Commission will debate whether to close hotels in regions with high Covid rates and hospital pressure.

Over the last few weeks, worrying levels of Covid cases have made a comeback in Europe. Austria has already reimposed its lockdown, and many other countries are currently revaluating their policies. No countries have closed their borders yet.

According to a source:  “It is about giving more relevance to the hospital situation in the evolution of the pandemic”.

“The key point is the hospital issue because right now the majority of infections occur in children under 11 years of age who do not go to the hospital.”

If the travel warning comes into effect, Restaurants, Bars, and cafes would also face new restrictions under the new rules – operating at a 25 percent capacity indoors with six people per table maximum and closing at 11 pm.

Spain is also set to debate whether to close nightclubs at 1 am and tighten mask rules.

The new rules will be brought in if the Covid rate reaches 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

If cases reach the extreme level of 500 per 100,000 inhabitants, the new plans will close hotels.

As we approach winter, holidaymakers will have to stay alert and adjust plans accordingly.

What are your thoughts on the travel warning imposed by Spain? If brought into effect, will it affect your holiday plans in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!


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