Travel Center’s Map of Wi-Fi Passwords from Airports & Lounges Around the World!

Travel Center’s Map of Wi-Fi Passwords from Airports & Lounges Around the World!

If you travel a lot then you’ll be able to understand how hard it is to find an open wireless connection in airports and lounges alike. It’s definitely frustrating, since you’ve just landed, and you’re already expected to have a local phone number or somehow know the password in order to get access to the internet. Since this is a problem some of us know almost too well, we’re giving you a map of wireless passwords from airports and lounges from around the world.

The below list is set to be updated every time we get a hold of new passwords! So, if you happen to come across one that we haven’t mentioned, please do let us know.

You can even comment passwords to airports we have already mentioned since its constantly updated.

Why Is This helpful?

When you get the password to a wireless connection at an airport or lounge, you’ll be able to do all the basic things you need. You can use the internet, spend more time relaxing at the airport lounge without worrying about when you can get in touch with your loved ones and will be officially able to say bye to airport boredom.

Once again, please do leave a comment if you happen to know any other airport or lounge passwords that we’ve missed! The more passwords the better help it will be for other travellers and while you’re here, feel free to check out some of Travel Center’s flight deals if you’re interested.

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