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Travel Center suggests the best holiday destinations with no cases of Coronavirus.

Travel Center suggests the best holiday destinations with no cases of Coronavirus.

British holidays are in isolation as a rising number of countries are hit by the novel Coronavirus, driving to flight and holiday recalls.

Since all travel to Italy is banned, and new cases are reported in Turkey and Spain, we reveal you the destinations where you can go wherever there have been no records of Coronavirus.

There are still several destinations the Brits can travel to destinations with no reported cases of the transmissible virus.

However, this could still change at quick notice, so be updated with local travel advice, as countries reside on high alert.

Where in Europe has Coronavirus not been announced?

Although most countries in Europe have reported cases of Coronavirus, islands such as Madeira and the Azores have dodged it notably.

Islands in Greece, including Santorini and Mykonos, have avoided the virus too.

Many cruise ships have cancelled their excursions, which might affect the Greek islands. The Norwegian Chief Executive Frank Del Rio informed:

If islands like Santorini, Mykonos, or any of the other islands and Athens are caught, the market for the Mediterranean will collapse.

Italy, Spain and Germany have the most recorded numbers of Coronavirus cases in Europe, while Italy’s numbers exceed 12,000.

All of these destinations are monitoring the situation, but the travel advice says they are safe to travel with no limitations.

Anyways, it is worth taking out travel insurance and checking whether you’re covered in case of a coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak could end with cancelled flights or locked down hotels, plus additional expenses while you book new flights.

Where excluding Europe has Coronavirus not been announced?

Holidays further afield to Cape Verde can proceed while Bermuda remains free of the virus till date.

Indonesia is planning on spending more than £500,000, on a tourism drive due to a fall in numbers, while the finance minister of New Zealand announced the country faces “serious impact” from the virus.

Italy has recorded a 90 per cent of bookings discarded as the whole country goes into lockdown, while hotel bookings in Thailand are down by 10 per cent.

Travellers to Italy are warned due to cancelled flights after more than 12,000 cases of Coronavirus have been listed. We want our clients to be safe in all aspects so, keep in touch with us for more travel news, destinations and health alerts. Please read our article about the possible safety methods regarding the Coronavirus.

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