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Top Unique Encounters to be had in Finland.

Book flight tickets to Finland and you’ll find that its extensive range of culture, history and landscapes offer various pursuits and marvels that are uncommon or difficult to discover anywhere else in the world. These are a few of the most unique encounters that you could have while on holiday in Finland.

Take a Sauna in a Gondola.  

No tour to Finland will be thought fulfilled until you have tried a sauna. On the Ylläs fell of Lapland, you could have the ultimate sauna encounter in the world’s only sauna tram. The tram car has been turned into a functioning sauna, which carries around four people at a time on an excursion of the fell. This way, you could encounter a typical portion of the Finnish lifestyle while absorbing a gorgeous scenery.

Visit the Moomins.

The Moomin World theme park in Naantali, just in the exterior of Turku, is centered around the famous Moomin kid’s book and comic series and thought to be one of the top kid’s theme parks in the world. With life-size models of places from the books, suited up characters, themed food, and stage displays, it is the one place in the world (until the future opening of the Japanese Moomin World) to encounter the characters physically. It is an important tour for any Moomin admirer, child or adult.

Catch a Glimpse of Santa at His Home.

Santa might emerge at shopping centers all around the world during Christmas, but the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland, is the formal residence of Santa – and the one site to go see him at his chalet and get a picture with him during any time of year. You could also see his reindeer, take a trip on his sleigh (unfortunately it does not fly), and view the wild reindeer running free in Lapland.

Boat Across the World’s Largest Archipelago.

Touring a lake or taking a boat tour is a common pursuit for visitors, both as a customary venture and to unwind in natural environments. The Turku enclave is a perfect location for a boating trip or to stay in an island hut, as it is the world’s biggest reef comprising of about 20,000 separate islands. There are choices to either hire your own boat or take a trekking or cycling path, island visiting via ferry.

Ride a Sauna Boat.

Another method to merge two customary Finnish pursuits into one is to take a sauna on a ferry. There are now numerous locations in Finland where you could hire a sauna boat, either on a grand ship expedition or a tiny, private boat handled by volunteers. In any instance, you could have the exceptional encounter of utilizing the sauna on a boat then cooling down in the ocean or stream.

Watch Mobile Phone Throwing.

Finland was at one point regarded as the home nation of mobile phones, and still displays respect for this tradition with the activity of mobile phone throwing. Participants are judged either by distance flung or by a method. The sport’s fame has developed so much that it has its own tournament, running each year in Savonlinna from 2000, and a junior tournament for below-12’s. It is intended not just for entertainment but also to endorse e-waste reusing, as a substitute to just throwing away a used mobile phone. It has even motivated its own sequel of rotary phone throwing. 

Eat a Reindeer Pizza.

Italy might be the ideal location to acquire genuine pizza, but Finland is one of the only locations to acquire a pizza with reindeer meat as a coating, because of it being a delicacy in Finland. The take-out pizza line Koti Pizza (which exactly means ‘home pizza’) became popular when its Pizza Berlusconi earned America’s Plate Pizza Contest during 2008. The pizza was titled after the earlier Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in retaliation for his ridicule of Finnish food.

Drink Beer in a Tram.

Finns adore their regionally prepared beer, and the most exceptional location to grab a drink is the SpåraKOFF Pub Tram, where you could relish a trip of the metropolis while drinking some of Finland’s top beer. Run by the brewery of the similar title, the completely licensed pub is situated in a particularly fashioned tram car that goes on one of the chief paths across Helsinki city hub. In the summer, the top locations to wait for the cable car are either outside the train station or on the south dock, close to the Presidential Palace.    

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