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Top 5 Must-Try Eats in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful creation full of lush green landscapes, waterfalls, mountains and historical landmarks, which is breathtakingly remarkable. This tiny eye droplet of Indian Ocean holds a rich cultural heritage with a wonderful diversity.

Tasting an authentic dish from a different country is one of the best moments of a traveller. So, don’t be a picky eater, try out all kind of cuisines. Who knows it could be the best meal you’ve eaten in your entire life!

Most of the Sri Lankan meals are pretty different from other countries. Offering a vivid array of flavor combinations of sourness, spiciness, saltiness, and a little bit of sweetness.

Essential ingredients of a Sri Lankan cuisine comprise with rice, vegetable fruits, and coconuts which can be found easily in this tropical land.

Satisfy your cravings with these amazing five Sri Lankan meals out of overwhelming food choices that I personally recommend you!

1. Rice & Curry

Rice and curry is a combination of steamed rice with variety of fiery curry options like Ambulthiyal, a unique spicy fish curry which is cooked in thick paste of rich spices in Sri Lanka along with spicy scraped coconut sambal, sweet caramelized onions, lentil curry, vegetables cooked in coconut milk,  sour lime pickle and a crispy papad is a staple meal in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Rice and Curry dish

2. Koththu

Koththu is a Lankan twist of pasta in a different style of shredded flatbread along with vegetables, eggs, oil, and spices chopped finely on a hot plate with two blunt blades. Cheese, Chicken or any sort of meat can be added as for your preference. It is tasty and greasy one of the most popular fast foods in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lankan style Kottu Roti

3. Range of hoppers for breakfast

Hoppers are made out of fermented rice flour & coconut milk. These bowl-shaped crispy pancakes cooked in a round pan. Eggs or bacon can be optional on top of it, which is mostly served with (Katta – Sambol) a spicy sambal made out of grinded Maldive fish with onion. String hoppers are different compared to a regular hopper, it is like a layer of thin vermicelli steamed in shape of a circle. It is mostly served with a thin coconut milk gravy.

4. Short eats

After a hectic city exploration, all you need is a snack for a quicker bite, (Isso vadai) a deep-fried lentil fritter with shrimp, spicy chickpeas, empanada-like patties and samosas with various spicy fillings are the most popular street foods in Sri Lanka. A little bit of spiciness and saltiness will tantalize your taste buds with its crispy texture.

5. Desserts

After a satisfying meal all you need a dessert. Sri Lanka has a lot to offer when it comes to sugary treats. Wattalapan is the most common dessert that you can find out in any restaurant which looks like a caramel pudding sweetened by sugar jaggery, coconut milk, and eggs. Chopped cashews on top gives a little bit of crunch and aroma of the nutmeg and cinnamon in will make your noses tingle with happiness.

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