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Things to do in Orlando; All the ways Orlando stuns you!

Where your wildest dreams come true, Orlando is filled with attractions that keep you amusingly entertained from the time you start your journey. If you are on the lookout to add some extra fun to your holiday, then Orlando is the missing piece to your puzzle. So let’s get the camera rolling with all the things to do in Orlando to make it your favourite destination.  

Orlando’s Sea world

One of the best places to go in Orlando if you appreciate the beauty of the aquatic life. Say hi to the marine favourites; Dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, penguins, Sharks, and other sweethearts of the sea. Its breathtaking aquariums and amazing rides are another reason for its popularity and attract hundreds of people to visit and enjoy the sight of sea wonders. All of this combined makes the Sea world a perfect 10/10 on the list of things to do in Orlando with kids.

Those who love dolphins will not want to miss the opportunity to pet these magnificent creatures and get up close and personal with them! Sign up for a marine life adventure right away and make the best of memories.

 Adding magic to your holiday!

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Wondering about what to do in Orlando that will make your holiday extra special? We’ve got an enchanting idea. A little magic takes over, and all the Disney characters come to life! Meet and greet your favorite Disney friends and see the parades as the ultimate fun begins. However, if the Walt Disney World doesn’t make it on your places to go in Orlando wish list, then you are missing out on the extremely fun things to do while you are in Orlando.

Relive your childhood memories; at Cinderella’s castle, which stands tall and beautiful in the heart of the park. This dream come true is one of the best things to do in Orlando with kids. 

Well, Reptile crawlies are cute too!

Gatorland being the home to our reptile friends features more than thousands of alligators and crocodiles. Love or hate them, the daily shows that happen in Gatorland do not disappoint! It’s a definite hit on successful things to do in Orlando with kids, as they would be more than excited to see some crocodile action. One of them is the “Alligator Jumparoo” it’s thrilling and perfect for your adventure-seeking mind.

Wondering what to do in Orlando? The gators got you covered. Also, not forgetting the rare white leucistic alligators that can be found walking the runway of fame for all those waiting to get a glimpse. 

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Set off on a trip to see one of NASA’s popular operations centres that make you fascinated with its extravaganza. This might sound boring when you look at it, but this exciting tour is loved by many.

Visit the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame or the rocket garden. You may be able to see spectacular rockets from some of NASA’s most historic flights. Explore Nasa’s space shuttle program and be blown away by the awe-striking sight. Giving you the details like sprinkles on ice cream, there’s more to see and witness at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, making it one of the best things to do in Orlando. Out of all the other theme park activities, this would be one of the unique places to go in Orlando.

The Typhoon Lagoon is a tropical paradise!

Disney’s baby from the water park side; witness this intriguing wonder and be stunned by its various attractions. There’s something for everyone, from rides for kids to a giant wave pool (yes, you can practice surfing as well!). In essence, this is undoubtedly a treat to the people who visit. The ride down the lazy river is an adventure you should look out for, along with the ‘miss adventure falls.’

With all of these exciting rides awakening your thrill-seeking senses, the Typhoon Lagoon makes its way on top of your mind when it comes to things to do in Orlando with kids. Moreover, this can also be a romantic getaway for those who enjoy adventure-filled activities with their significant other.

The Exotic animal experience you’ve been waiting for! 

Giving you access to some beautiful furry creatures, this would be a heart-warming memory if you are an animal lover! Get a kick out of lively kangaroos, kinkajous, and cute slots that will make your day a bit more exciting.

With all the things to do in Orlando, this tour will notably stand out on its own. So, if you are spirited and pondering about what to do in Orlando, then this is your option to try! 

Take your tastebuds on a tour to the chocolate museum

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Who doesn’t love chocolate? So let your heart melt as the glorious chocolate does. This might be one of the best things to do in Orlando with kids, but it also appeals to chocolate lovers.

Take this tour to learn everything about chocolates and their history, with 25 solid chocolate sculptures of world-famous landscapes. By all means, this chocolate adventure would become a favorite on your chocolatey list of what to do in Orlando.

Admire the Glitz at Madame Tussauds

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With all the places to go in Orlando, make your way to the world’s most incredible wax museum to see the life-size figures of your favourite celebrities. This museum allows you to get up close and personal with your personal favourites and historical icons. Besides, who wouldn’t want to sing “you belong with me” near the Taylor swift sculpture and take some snaps (personally would like to do that)? Overall, it would end as the feel-good tour you would want to try once in your lifetime. The upgrade to your Instagram uploads? In other words, this is the table topper on what to do in Orlando.

With all these places to go in Orlando, you will not be disappointed by the experience you get out of this holiday. You will love it enough to return back and make more memories out of this wonderful destination.


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