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The sun shines on your next stop, short flights from the UK!

Well, for wanderers, we hate the long wait! starting from planning your holiday, the curiosity keeps blooming. And who doesn’t just want to fast forward from all the daily buzz and relax on one of the popular holiday destinations with the shortest flights from the UK? It’s just you and the golden sand with the views of glimmering waves!

Bringing all the sun-hugged destinations to you, we’re helping you plan this holiday with the shortest flights from the UK.

Majorca, Balearic Islands

Short flights from UK

✈ Flight time – 2 hours 30 mins

The Mediterranean climate invites you on a journey of exploring its outdoors. The coastline of bays and coves, shimmering turquoise waters and the fascinating nightlife are some of the reasons to allure you.

Majorca proudly makes it onto our list of shortest flights from England that will save time and bring the sun close to you.

From June to September, the days of fun in the sun make their way to astonish you; it’s unlikely there will be rain during this time, so there’s pretty much just you and the waves! Not only being on the picture for its great weather and beaches, but Majorca also holds many amenities like appetite-stirring local cuisine, historic towns, and some of Europe’s most fantastic attractions.

Marrakech, Morocco

Short flights from UK

✈ Flight time – 3 hours and 40 minutes

Thinking of short flights from the UK to somewhere hot to favour your adventure-seeking mind?

This is it. Marrakech benefits from a tropical climate, as the sun happily shines all year round with hot summers and warm winters. With July being the most desirable, you get to choose between the temperatures as you travel to this lively wonder.

On its hottest days, Marrakech is also one of the popular holiday destinations for anyone who loves historical architecture, unparalleled mountain and desert scenery, the busy streets filled with vibrant colours, and the world-famous markets that await to amaze you. That’s a short time of 3 hours and 40 minutes of travelling to experience a story of history and culture.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Short flights from UK

✈ Flight time – 2 hours and 35 minutes

Flaunting its beaches along with its history of medieval charm, Dubrovnik catches your attention in all the angles.

Craving for the perfect weather? June, July and August are the best times to visit for a summer love story with Dubrovnik. with the shortest flight from the UK, you can sunbathe or swim in the glass clear Adriatic Sea.

With temperatures often rising over 30°C, it’s a double bonanza for anyone looking out for the sun. It focuses not only on its ‘beach’ aspect; it also attracts you with its cityscapes, some of them being the majestic walled cities and five national parks.

You can check this link out for more options to choose from

Algarve, Portugal

Short flights from UK

✈ Flight time – 2 hours and 40 minutes

Take the shortest flights from England to one of the popular holiday destinations; Algarve is a sunny spectacle. It has long summers and mild winters in store for you as you visit this hot destination.

Southern Portugal boasts its golden sands and sea-green water that’s a feast for anyone looking for the ultimate beach holiday. All year round, Algarve is sun-kissed, and the slightly colder months are either side of July and August.

Bringing the sun and the sand to you in 2 hours and 45 minutes, we have a lot more going on in the Algarve that’s waiting to surprise you!

Corfu, Greece

Short flights from UK

✈ Flight Time – 3 hours

Being one of the greenest Greek Islands, Corfu is a mini paradise that lures you in with its charm. The sun waves its magic wand and grants the spell of long rays of sunshine that illuminate the Island from April through November.

The 3-hour flight is one of the shortest flights from the UK that will have you loving the sun.

If 92 beaches with mesmerising views aren’t the perfect reason to plan your trip now, we don’t know what is. With a short duration in flight timings, it’s one of the popular holiday destinations for families. Thrilling water sports, horse riding explorations and exciting waterparks are some of the reasons that everyone in your family will remember this trip to Corfu.

You can read more about why Corfu is recommended as a post pandemic travel destination here –

We’re all set to worship the sun on our next holiday, for anyone loving the warm breeze and tanned skin. These destinations will suit your holiday mood perfectly. It’s not just the shortest flight from the UK, but also the ideal location for collecting memories. Why wait now? Plan your next sunny holiday right away!


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