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The number of Italian “ghost towns” selling off abandoned homes just for €1

the-number-of-italian ghost towns selling off abandoned homes just for e1

Italian towns are on sale for less than the price of a coffee in a bid to reverse the depopulation of abandoned towns. So many towns in Italy are adding extra benefits to lure buyers away from their rivals. One of the Italian towns in Sicily is selling homes for just €1 a bid to entice more people to move to the area. These towns are one of many locations in Italy which are struggling with a dwindling population.

The country is giving a chance to people who’ve long dreamed of living in Italy, to take the plunge. While property prices across Europe rise day by day, the prices on many of Italy’s older homes are on sale for a reasonable price. Buyers now can buy houses and even a private island in Italy at bargain prices. The town will even pay families to move there.

According to the latest cheap real estate listings, homes are selling for €1 in Zungoli, a rural village near Naples and the Amalfi Coast, and Mussomeli, a larger town in Sicily.

The new homeowners will have to be bound to the terms and conditions as buyers must agree to include paying a €2,500 deposit and commit to fixing up and remoulding their properties. The good news is that many of the homes are already in decent shape. Also have declared their intended use of the property, which can be anything from a family home to a holiday rental property or even a craft workshop.

Zungoli is another town on sale, known for its cobblestone paths, medieval bridges, and colourful farm homes. With a population of 1000 people, it’s one of Italy’s most beautiful villages in 2015.

The mayor of Zungoli, Paolo Caruso, announced in a press meeting that interested buyers should book a flight and “come see for themselves the beauty of the place, taste the great food, and breathe the fresh healthy air.”

Mussomeli, is a sprawling town with a population of 11,000 people. It boasts verdant farmlands and views overlooking the Etna volcano and Valley of Temples.

The heritage councillor Toti Nigrelli also described about the town saying, “looking down you see the valley covered in a dense blanket of clouds as if the town were suspended mid-air,”. “We want customers to experience all this.”

The town of Bivona, which is located in the south of Italy, had a population of just 3,800 residents – 40 years ago, have announced its one-euro house scheme this week, and it comes with an added bonus. To beat the competition from other towns offering the same deal, Bivona is easing buying restrictions and offering tax bonuses for those who buy one of a dozen empty and dilapidated properties in the town.

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