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The 9 Most Non-Touristy Things to do in Las Vegas.

When booking flights to Las Vegas you’ll find that there are a couple of things that typically top the list of things to do: tour the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, stroll the Las Vegas Strip, or view the Bellagio fountains. But, if you’re in town for a lengthy amount of time, or it’s not your initial tour to Sin City, you may want to attempt something fresh and encounter a separate part of the metropolis. Here are a few recommendations from Travel Center that are sure to give you the most memorable holiday in Las Vegas!

Tour Lake Mead.
  • The lake formed by the Hoover Dam, also identified as Lake Mead, is a famous spot to scuba dive, boat, fish, and to devote your holidays. It’s a 45-minute trip from the Las Vegas Strip and residence to the desert mountain sheep, mountain lion, and the prominent horned owl. There are also trekking paths, observation points, and campgrounds that provide an attractive escape from the shining lights of Las Vegas.

Go to the drive-in.
  • Drive-in theaters are a thing of the past, besides Las Vegas. Currently, they form less than two percent of all movie theaters in the United States, but the West Wind Drive-In Theater in North Las Vegas is completely functioning. Tickets are inexpensive, and no one would say anything if you take food, but there is an ancient snack booth obtainable for candy and popcorn. Touring the drive-in is a brilliant method to pass the warm summer nights in the metropolis and observe a separate part of it.

Attend First Friday.
  • First Friday is a regular, public art event that happens in The Arts District in downtown Las Vegas. Food trucks, artists, and entertainers border the roads of the region, making it an enjoyable method to fill a Friday night with family and friends. The event is complimentary to visit, but parking could be difficult, so come early, carpool, or grab an Uber.
Dine at the Bootlegger.
  • Bootlegger Italian Bistro shows that some things in Las Vegas never alter. Open from 1949, the Bootlegger is one of the most ancient restaurants in the metropolis, and it has stayed a family-run service ever since. The restaurant consists of genuine recipes of the family ruler, Maria Perry. It rests on Las Vegas Boulevard south of Mandalay Bay, making it a simple Uber or cab trip from your hotel. Common menu products comprise of pollo scallopini, tiramisu, and the house forte lasagna. 
Drive out to the Extraterrestrial Highway.
  • Las Vegas may be popular for its nightlife, but at one point, it was famous for its alien links. Alien aficionados, marathon runners, and anyone searching for the notorious Area 51 visit the Extraterrestrial Highway. The 98-mile (157.7-kilometer) expanse of Nevada State Route 375 north of Las Vegas acquires its title from the notorious military center situated in the center of the desert. Down the highway, you could locate alien jerky and an alien-themed gift store and cheesy tiny café known as The Little A’Le’Inn. Taking pictures is forbidden in and about Area 51, and the security on duty severely apply this rule.

Go to Bonnie Springs Ranch.
  • Bonnie Springs Ranch, snuggled inside the Red Rock Canyon National Conservational Area, is a concealed little escape many travelers may ignore. Bonnie Springs consists of a hotel, horseback riding, and a petting zoo. You’ll generally discover farm animals within the zoo, like horses, chickens, and goats. There are a few exceptions, though, as the local wallabies and lynx. Bonnie Springs is enjoyable for those with kids, animal fans or anyone with a fascination in the Old West.

Try paddle boarding.
  • Las Vegas doesn’t catch your attention when you think of water activities. But, at Lake Las Vegas, tourists could participate in a range of sports both on and off the water. Preliminary paddleboard classes are obtainable, and also yoga on paddle boards, kayaking, Duffy boat hires flyboarding and wakeboarding.

Tour the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.
  • Campers and rock hikers adore Red Rock Canyon. The 19 trekking paths and six hiking regions attract outdoor fans of all kinds all through the year. The only advanced camping region is the Red Rock Canyon Campground, which is closed in the summer due to the heat. For those who just wish to relish desert setting, the 13-mile (21-kilometer) ring that cuts across Red Rock permits tourists and bikers to get a complete look of the park.

Travel to Valley of Fire State Park.
  • If you’ve got a car when you’re in Las Vegas, take an hours trip outside of the metropolis to Valley of Fire State Park, which consists of Aztec sedimentary rock developments, petroglyphs, and a broad range of wildlife. Valley of Fire has also come in a couple of Hollywood movies over the years, from Viva Las Vegas to Total Recall. Places of interest in Valley of Fire comprise of the Beehives Development, Atlatl Rock, and Rainbow Vista Trail.

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