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The Most Instagrammable Locations in Christchurch, New Zealand.

On your holidays to Christchurch, New Zealand stroll anywhere and you’ll come across plenty of Instagram-worthy instances. After being wrecked by the huge Feb 22, 2011 earthquake, the metropolis has been adorned by a different combination of contemporary art fittings among the structural installations that remain to endure its English appeal. These top Instagrammable locations appropriately display this extraordinary change. Booking flights to Christchurch, New Zealand is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss!

New Regent Street.

New Regent Street is a vibrant, opened pedestrian shopping center that has been embellishing mid-Christchurch from the 1930s. Once titled New Zealand’s most stunning road, this thin commercial region is recognized for its lively Spanish Mission-type construction and beautiful boutique stores, cafes, and restaurants. If you’re obtaining shutter-happy, make certain to schedule your photo to fit with the coming of the tourist tram: New Regent Street is one of the main stops on its course.

Colorful building. New Regent Street. Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

You’ll frequently overhear Christchurch being mentioned as New Zealand’s Garden City, a name that originates from the utter variety of gardens and parks surrounding it. The Christchurch Botanic Gardens specifically were established during 1863 with the sowing of an English oak tree in memorial of the nuptials of Prince Albert and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. In addition to comprising of a huge selection of seasonal floras from New Zealand and overseas, the Botanic Gardens are scattered with attractive figurines and art fittings.

The Rose Garden and Cunningham House, the conservatory, Christchurch Botanical Gardens, Hagley Park, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Antigua Boatsheds.

Initially set up by two boat constructors during 1882, the Antigua Boat Sheds permit Christchurch’s natives and tourists to completely submerge themselves in the gorgeous Avon River. From the very beginning, this has been the spot to rent out boats and sail over the transparent waterways. Nowadays there’s also a cafe on-location, a bike rental service and the Boat Sheds are also the leading points for one of the metropolis’s renowned River Punting encounters.

Antigua Boat Sheds 

Mona Vale.

Mona Vale is a community park in the outskirts of Fendalton. Its emblematic ranch, which was initially recognized as Karewa, was constructed for the Managing Director of Canterbury Frozen Meats, Frederick Waymouth, during 1899-1900. Weymouth sold the home to Annie Townend during 1905 and she retitled it Mona Vale after her mother’s house in Tasmania. Townend put in a gatehouse to the property, which, together with the homestead itself, presently possess New Zealand Heritage rank. In current times, the Mona Vale house has been reused as a coffee shop, while it’s English gardens are a famous location for weddings and other occasions.

Cathedral Square.

Cathedral Square is, traditionally, the bodily and iconic center of Christchurch. Till the 2011 earthquake, this was where various leading festivals and events were had. The region had to be shut off for a few years, but it has gradually been retrieving its position as a powerful community installation since reopening. Its popular Chalice statue is still standing firm, and the fencing surrounding the Christchurch Cathedral provides a decorative look to the destroyed construction as the reconstruction pulls through.

Cathedral square, Christchurch, New Zealand

Cardboard Cathedral.

The Transitional Cardboard Cathedral in Latimer Square is the momentary house of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch while the Christchurch Cathedral is being refurbished. Japanese designer Shigeru Ban sketched this extraordinary construction, which holds a chain of 60-centimetre (24 inches)-diameter cardboard pipes, polycarbonate ceiling, triangular colored glass windows and eight shipping containers down its walls. The cathedral is utilized for church services and also native occasions.

Cardboard Cathedral, an Anglican church also referred to as the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral

185 White Chairs.

The 185 White Chairs is an art fixture that pays respect to the lives lost during the February 2011 earthquake. This grave monument was initially imagined as a momentary fitting, but its fame has been such that there are present ideas to make it last. Most of the chairs were given by the victims’ loved ones and families. These were initially positioned on the spot of the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church but have stayed in their present spot, just around the bend from the Cardboard Cathedral, from October 2012.

The Bridge of Remembrance.

A pebble bridge with a huge, decorative archway that goes over the Avon River at the brink of Cashel Mall. As its title proposes, the Bridge of Remembrance was established as a war monument – originally in tribute of the soldiers who fought during the First World War, but later to also remember the labors of those who took part in the Second World War and also the battles in Borneo, Malaya, Korea, and Vietnam. The bridge was briefly shut for earthquake toughening during 2012 but has since resumed to its previous magnificence.

Sumner Beach.

Sumner Beach is one of Christchurch’s most famous beaches. On a hot summer’s day, you’ll normally spot natives and tourists alike walking beside the attractive walkway, relaxing by the white sands or surfing and swimming in the warm waters. If you’re visiting with family, make certain to come during a low tide so you could tour Cave Rock. This rare volcanic creation has, for several years, performed as a common playground for native kids.

Sun setting on Sumner Beach, Christchurch, New Zealand

Port Hills.

The Port Hills link Christchurch to the adjoining harbor town of Lyttelton. Several people tour it to get a firm trekking and cycling dose; others desire to get to the summit via a picturesque gondola trip. Whichever choice you select; the trip would offer you lots of spectacular sights of Christchurch – there’ll be many chances to get that crucial countryside picture.

Christchurch Gondola and the Lyttelton port from Port Hills in New Zealand, South Island


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