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The Best destinations to Visit if you Love Street Food!!

The Best destinations to Visit if you Love Street Food!!

How long does it take for someone to gnaw down on a country’s flawless street food? Forget about the culture, landscapes and all that jazz, when there’s tempting street food on the line, there’s probably nothing more important. Well, at least for me that is! 

Wonders for the stomach come first than trespassing the boundaries of my other senses. So, if you’re like me, then you’ll find this list somewhat enjoyable than most.

1) New York

New York Street Food

New York, New York, you know how it goes. With a night that stays awake till dawn, comes an immoral amount of late-night strolls. And with these comes an unbridled array of drool-worthy street food stalls and cabins, letting you bask in the bliss of its flavours. The city might be engulfed in a whirlwind of Michelin star restaurants, but there’s nothing quite like taking your hunger to the streets of the indomitably fast-paced city. From tastebud-smacking lobster rolls, soul food made for healing and smoky beef ribs to icy concoctions like Slurpees, the flavours of New York are endless.

2. Berlin

Berlin Street Food

The smorgasbord of everything you’ll come to taste in the German City is simply Berlin in all of its aspects. The city’s street food is one in a billion and is bound to mesmerise all those who come in contact with it. Throughout the day, you’ll be greeted by the vast verve of food stalls presenting food such as silky tapioca dumplings, sharp-flavoured Peruvian ceviche and fiery ribs – the kind of food that reflects an excitement in its flavours and a breadth of undefinable sensations.

But, as the darker sky rolls out into view, the eccentric or rather mouth-watering cuisine adapts to the city’s nightlife. With parades of grilled kebabs, wonderfully weird burgers and crispy flatbreads taking the reins.

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3. Singapore

Singapore Street Food

If you wanted a preface on what you’re in for with Singapore’s street food – think of an infusion between the culinary decadents of China, India and Malaysia. Being out of the steam, freshly made and full of aromatic spices, make these meals curated by locals a standout for the ages.

A few notable favourites from both tourists and locals alike include chilli crabs, succulent prawns and poached slices of chicken – dishes that are all succulent beyond comparison and undeniably both spicy and tangy. No matter what else you taste, it’s almost certain that these signature dishes make up for more than a proportionate part of your culinary journey in Singapore.

4. Bangkok

Stir fried noodles with shrimps and vegetables, Singapore

Luring in visitors from all over the world, the ecstatic city of Thailand overflows with a feast for the senses. On the city’s floating markets, you’ll find many dishes presenting the taste of the entire city.

From sweet and savoury papaya salads and stir-fried noodles to pork skewers and octopus drenched in sweet chilli sauce, the stark contrast between the components of Bangkok’s cuisine is what makes it unique! On one side, there’s the usual, and on the other, there’s the unexpected; full of fried insects, frogs and more. 

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5. Mexico

Mexico, tacos

How many days could possibly go by while you’re drowning in the delicacies of Mexico? The ever-swirling chain of street food in the city never fails to bring a smile on a visitors face and drive up a dying whale noise in their stomach. As you find your way through the city’s never-ending streets, you’ll be able to stuff your face with tantalising tortillas, Raspados, the Mexican version of snow cones and mixiote, A.K.A. where spit-roasted lamb meat is seasoned to perfection and served while wrapped up in parchment.

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