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The Best Cyber Monday Deals for Holidaymakers 2019

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are right around the corner, where you’ll be able to pounce on better bargains. It’s time to keep your eyes peeled for those incredible deals and blowout sales for your perfect getaway this season. In case, if you miss on Black Friday deals, you get a second chance on Cyber Monday 2019. With so many enticing holiday deals slated for this year, it’s a great time to upgrade your bucket list, too.

Here are some of the holiday destinations on Cyber Monday deals that you don’t want to miss. 


Budapest, Hungary’s capital is one of the most exciting cities in Europe with full of historical wonders, magical castles, and unique bars. This Hungarian tourist hub is a perfect choice for you to go on a city break, family holiday or a romantic trip.

The city is famed for its nightlife, from chill-out parties to sophisticated bars and clubs with live bands- you will find plenty of fun things to do at night. As a famous city, there’s no shortage of accommodations in Budapest, with hints of luxuries and comfort on offer for those who want to be pampered. Check in to a hotel in Budapest and experience it for yourself. Spend a relaxing afternoon in a spa soaking up the sun and the warm waters of the natural thermal baths. Take a cruise tour along the Danube, explore cosmopolitan neighbourhoods and grab a drink from an open-air cafe in the heart of Budapest. Book your flights now to Budapest and see where the city takes you.

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Prague will amaze you with its gothic architecture, medieval towns and fairy-tale castles. The city is endlessly romantic for you to whisk away your loved ones and pulsating nightlife appeals partygoers too! The capital of the Czech Republic is known for its architectural legacy, vibrant bars and cultural attractions. This lavishing capital is also an enchanting blend of old and modern vibes. Stroll through cobbled streets of the city’s historic towns, bustling markets and have a delicious meal from the numerous alfresco restaurants. Try out flavourful dishes like ‘Smažený Sýr’ fried cheese, beef and pork dumplings and Czech goulash or schnitzel. Prague is also home to some of Europe’s best museums for history buffs. Whether you are looking for a stunning summer destination or a spellbinding Christmas market, or a romantic winter break, a holiday to Prague will be one to be remembered.

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Krakow is one of Poland’s most beautiful cities for you to explore in southern Poland. Kraków is a UNESCO World Heritage city with spectacular Renaissance architecture, trendy restaurants and medieval cathedral, the city is a showcase of a charming melting pot of Jewish influences. The architectural buildings on the main market square or ‘Rynek Glowny’ stand out from the crumbled bars and restaurants of a buzzing culinary and arts scene. There is even a 6,000-square-metre museum beneath the cobbled streets and lively theatre for classic entertainment. Wander through the labyrinth of cobbled streets and discover a vibrant café culture has blossomed. Here, you’ll find different types of coffee shops and bistros in a vintage theme.

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Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur & Bali

Far East Asia is where curious travellers are met with fascinating culture, rich history, and a wild sense of adventure. From urban jungles of Bangkok, finest resorts of Kuala Lumpur to Bali’s sandy shorelines these destinations will offer you a diversified and an exciting holiday to be remembered. Bangkok is the vibrant capital of Thailand and known for its magnificent shopping malls and colourful street life. Ancient Palace, Buddhist temples, Chao Phraya river and canals welcome millions of peoples from far-flung corners of the world to relish a wonderful time in Bangkok during their visit. Kuala Lumpur, the bustling capital of Malaysia is famed as a tourist destination and is one of the best choice of holidaymakers. This city will offer you a chance to discover different cultures, impressive architectures and to taste ethnic foods to tantalise your taste buds. Bali is an Indonesian island adorned by stunning beaches, forested volcanic mountains, extensive coral reefs, religious sites, lush meadows and an inviting atmosphere that most travellers, honeymooners, and globetrotters look forward to visiting. Bali will surely make your trip more fabulous.

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Miami is popular as one of the best beach destinations in the USA, its tropical atmosphere, alluring sands and spectacular nightlife makes it an ideal destination for holidaymakers. Miami is a haven for those who are looking for sun, sand, glamour and a little sparkle to their getaway. Miami is full of pumping bars, vibrant boutiques and beachside restaurants. You’ll never run out of things to do in Miami. Water sports in Miami gives you an endless opportunity to soak up the sun in warm waters and try adrenaline rushing adventures like paddle boarding, water-skiing, jet-skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing and snorkelling. Don’t miss to dive into deep water to explore the spectacular coral reef. Miami isn’t just all about beach fun there are plenty of things to see and do in this sunny paradise

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Cyber Monday 2019 - Miami

Punta Cana

Are you chasing a paradise, with tropical climate, white sand beach, lagoons, resorts or fun water sports? Then Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is the place you’ve been looking for. It’s the Caribbean coastal town that daydreams are made of. Punta Cana boasts more than 50 miles of white-sand coast stretching from Bavaro to Uvero and beyond. The great weather with average sea temperature allows you to take a swim, go snorkelling or scuba diving at any time of the year. Apart from surfing and scuba diving, you’ll find plenty of things to do on this land, as Punta Cana’s home to over a dozen golf courses for you to enjoy. Since this paradise is packed with fun activities, you’re going to love Punta Cana for sure.

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Whether you book a flight, hotel or a package, Cyber Monday deals are one of the best times to snag up deals. Select your favourite destination and Call Travel Center as we offer the best hotel deals for your most wanted holiday destination for an affordable price.

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