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The 10 Hidden Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Life is either a daring adventure… or a rejuvenating escape in one of the top boutique hotels in Sri Lanka! 

Boutique hotels in Sri Lanka have their uniqueness starting from the rich influences of the Colonial architecture to the extreme touch of local designs!

So, if you are hoping to visit Sri Lanka in 2021 (or any day, I’d say), you have got to know that this tiny Island is full of such unique boutique hotels. Choosing one from the unending list, is definitely going to be a hassle.

To help you save your time and money, I have picked ten out of the many top boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, from different parts of the country, for you to choose from.

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Now, to the boutiques!

Let’s start with one of the best boutique hotels in Sri Lanka for the adventurous and exotic travellers; 

Wild Coast Lodge (Yala)

After knowing Yala for its wildlife (especially leopards, of course), it’s going to be a tad bit difficult for you to believe in Wild Coast Lodge! It’s like a hidden gem in the exotic greenery of Sri Lanka that we were lucky enough to find for you. 

The ‘Wild Coast Lodge’ is a cluster of cocoons (literally what they look like!) tents. They are located in the most scenic edge of the Yala National Park, strapped to the southern coastline. 

What Makes the Wild Coast Lodge Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

It is more like camping than just resting in one of the boutique hotels in Sri Lanka! 

Why I say so is because of how these cocoon-shaped tents are built! 

I mean, where exactly would you find such luxury tents built amidst elephants and monkeys by daytime and leopards in the night?!

Apart from exploring the exotic surroundings of the Wild Coast Edge, you can also get some curated here, like;

  • Explore the wilderness with Safari game drives, with the assistance of ‘a passionate ranger team.’
  • Enjoy a rural bike exploration.

If you are more of a beach person than a jungle person, then check out the next boutique hotel! 

Karpaha Sands (Trincomalee)

You cannot visit Sri Lanka and not have a ‘salt in my hair, a camera full of memories’ experience! 

After the must-visit Arugam Bay in the list of beaches in Sri Lanka, comes Pasikudah and Kalkudah. So, on your visit to the Pasikudah, you’ll find the Karpaha Sands boutique hotel! 

It’s like a total ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience, except, you need not build your tent. 

You’ll find a stretch of luxury boutique hotels lined up on the beach, creating a complete luxury holiday vibe. They’re structured in the most traditional ways, stunning enough to attract visitors. 

During your stay in the Karpaha Sands, you’ll be able to; 

  • Explore many vibrant Hindu temples and local markets in the neighbouring Tamil villages. 
  • Get yourself adorned with traditional henna tattoos from a local henna artist. 
  • Attend a fun two-hour cooking class from professional Sri Lankan chef 
  • Take the catamaran cruise and adore the perfect coastline and blue shades of the Indian Ocean 
  • Climb the Kudumbi Malai rock that gives a breath-taking bird’s eye view of the paddy fields, forests and Palmyra palms. 

Next one is for a romantic getaway. Mostly suggested for adventurous couples. (No pun intended!) 

The Ark (Mathugama)

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in Noah’s Ark? 

Me neither. 

But this Ark is not about fitting the entire population in it! It’s perfect for your honeymoon getaways. 

Like I mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t really like it if you are more of a ‘car ride to a romantic hotel nearby’ kind of couple. Because this one is best recommended for the adventurous ones! I’ll tell you why. 

First, is the wooden bridge in the Mathugama jungle that you need to trail to get to the boutique hotel. It’s way more adventurous than the other boutique hotels in Sri Lanka when it is rainy! You know, the slippery bridge factor. 

Then, the fact that you are going to be on top of a hill. It’s more like a watch-hut what you have here. So, you are literally on top of a hill that gives a thrilling experience! 

What is exotically boastful about the Ark is its location on the boarder of the Sinharaja rainforest.

What Makes the Ark Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

Whether you are booking the Ark as your honeymoon getaway or the best accommodation for a solo retreat, you have so much to do here! 

  • Get out of the cosy hotel and spend your day discovering the hidden trails of the Mathugama forest. 
  • Take the extra mile and master the art of rubber-tapping and tea-plucking

Next one is for those who want to stay literally away from the urbanised world! Because unlike in other boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, oil/kerosene lamps replace the mains electricity! 

The Mudhouse (Anamaduwa)

The Mudhouse is undoubtedly one of the most unique traditional experiences in any boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. 

It’s a perfect getaway for the adventurous travellers, whether you want to travel solo, with the family or your partner!

The best lines to describe this is from W.B. Yeats poem; 

“I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,

And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made;”

Located in the most remote location in Puttalam, the Mudhouse is like the perfect escape from the urban world. 

Although the real experience of the beauty of the Mudhouse can only be felt once you are there at the location, the idea of this boutique hotel itself is highly fascinating.

Because, imagine yourself in the middle of wetlands that are traditionally criss-crossing to form the ancient irrigation network!

With the breeze caressing your face, the smell of fresh land tingling your nose, you are going to be in a different part of the world completely secluded from the bustles of the city or the urbanising towns.

Not just that, the Mudhouse also is the best go-to boutique hotel in Sri Lanka for you to encounter Sri Lankan birdlife.

It is also one of the best-recommended boutique hotels in Sri Lanka for those who look for green hotels in Sri Lanka. 

What Makes the Mudhouse Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

The one unique feature of this boutique hotel is its insight into the ancient lifestyle of the locals in Sri Lanka. It’s a perfect getaway for you, into the traditional life of the multicultural Sri Lankan society. I’d say…a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Other experiences at the Mudhouse include; 

  • Tuk ride to the Paramakanda Temple
  • Kayak and Paddle boarding
  • Visit the Local Friday market
  • Learn Sri Lanka’s traditional martial art (Angampora) 

Next in the list of top hotels in Sri Lanka is another eco-lodge like The Ark and Mudhouse you saw above! 

Hideout Cabins (Nuwara Eliya)

The Hideout Cabins, just like the name portrays, is a perfect hideout for couples and solos who plan on retreats into the cold Nuwara Eliya woods. 

What Makes Hideout Cabins Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

A wooden boutique, built in a unique shape, this boutique hotel in Sri Lanka gives a whole fairy-tale vibe. It’s like the little cottage that Snow White stayed in, in the woods. Except, this one gives you the perfect cosiness in the freezing hills. 

Here are other landmarks around the Hideout Cabins that you can visit while cosying in the boutique within a 500m – 2km distance; 

  • The Gregory Lake & Park 
  • Hakgala Botanic Garden 
  • Galway’s Land National Park 

Hideout Cabins, just like The Ark, is a ‘must-visit and experience to have’ boutique hotel in Sri Lanka!

Source : Hideout Cabins (Nuwara Eliya)

Next, to one of the most-visited and liked boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. 

98 Acres Resort (Ella)

Lately, Ella is like a ‘go-to’ tourist spot for both the locals and for those who visit Sri Lanka. 

I cannot say its overrated, given its ‘out of the world’ sunrise and breath-taking views during sunsets. 

The climb can be a little exhausting (I agree), but that is why the 98 Acres Resort is a perfect choice for the adventurous couples, backpackers and Instagram influencers!

 If you are one of those adventure-seekers, then hike, climb or trek to reach the point of the little Adam’s Peak. Trust me, that’s the best way to absorb some of the breath-taking views of the eco-friendly huts, chalets, and villas!   

Tip : Set many alarms as you can to wake up for the sunrise! The misty 5am morning view of the huts aligned in the verdant cliffs, is not something you would want to miss. You might as well need to make sure you have enough storage in your phone. Because, you’ll want to snap away almost everything your eyes catch in the location!

What Makes 98 Acres Resort Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

The resort is another eco-friendly lodge (I must say!) given that the chalets are made of recycled substances, mostly. It’s a luxury experience that you get, as you stay in one of these chic hotels amidst the lush tea bushes covering acres. 

The other experiences at the 98 Acres Resort include; 

  • Encountering Sri Lanka’s first-ever zipline (Flying Ravana) 
  • Mastering the art of tea making 
  • Experiencing Archery with the locals 
  • Helicopter rides from the 98 Acres to Colombo 

Next one is off the track because you are going to visit it for the unique work on the interior and architecture! 

Boutique Villa (Negombo)

I am not sure if you have this weird desire too, but I have always wanted to live in a half-built house. 

What Makes the Boutique Villa Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

Forget about the usual definition of luxury that has painted walls and modern pieces of furniture. At Boutique Villa in Negombo, you’ll literally live in a furnished, yet, half-built hotel. I know it’s a rare type of ‘luxury’, but that is what makes it unique among all other hotels in Sri Lanka. 

Another best fact about this Villa is the royal experience you’ll have. Thinking of it in that line, you’ll almost be the king/queen in one of the ancient kingdoms. (with AC and Wi-Fi, of course!) 

Your stay at this Villa will give you enough and more unique architectures to explore inside, but if you still want to visit other spots around, then there’s; 

  • The Negombo Beach, located 500m from the Villa. 
  • The Dutch Fort, 6km from the Villa 

Next one in the list of boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, is for those who visit Sri Lanka for the love of Kandy!

Mount Havana Luxury Boutique Villa (Kandy)

Unlike the unending list of fabulous boutique hotels in Kandy, the Mount Havana is literally a piece of heaven tucked away in the hills! 

What Makes the Mount Havana Luxury Boutique Villa Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

It is another perfect getaway, for a peaceful stay, free from the busy routines. 

Whether you want to capture some of the spectacular views of the verdant hills or lose yourself in the tea fields around, either way, I am sure, once you checkout from the resort, half your heart (will definitely) be in Havana! 

The Mount Havana is at the centre of many trademarks in Kandy. Including;; 

  • Embekke Temple – 9.6 km 
  • Ceylon Tea Museum – 14.3 km 
  • Kandy View Point Mountain – 16.8 km 
  • Kandy City Center Shopping Mall (KCC) – 17 km 
  • Sri Dalada Maligawa – 17.3 km 

Next on the list of boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, is for the modern adventure lovers.

The Country House Chalets (Galle)

Structured like tree-houses on the ground, the Country House Chalets are masterpieces in the woods. 

What Makes the Country House Chalets Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

It is an impossible thought to think of such a boutique hotel in Galle, with the bustling city, it is known for! But, for those who can afford, the stay at the Country House Chalets will be the talk of generations to come in your line. 

You can book one of the fine chalets there, depending on the amenities and affordability. Either way, all the chalets have a lot to give you in the getaway woods from Galle. 

You can either explore the woods around the Country House Chalets or just stay in your chalet, amidst the tea gardens. The choice is yours! 

Tip : The owner of the Country House Chalet is renowned for his extreme hospitality to a lot of those who had stayed here.

Source : The Country House Chalets (Galle)

Next, to a boutique located in the land that is home to the World Heritage in Sri Lanka and final one in our list of best boutique hotels in Sri Lanka.

Water Garden (Sigiriya)

One of my favourites out of all the top boutique hotels in Sri Lanka! 

For those who know Sigiriya as a World Wonder, the Water Garden is a wonder in Sigiriya! 

What Makes the Water Garden Unique from other Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka? 

It is one of the best boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, that again promotes an eco-friendly stay, amidst lakes and water streams. 

A photographer could live the life of his dream here, as the hotel gives splendid views of the Sigiriya Rock and also has peacocks’ wandering the land, most of the time! 

Besides getting lost in the unexplainable beauty of this boutique hotel, you can also: 

  • Try your hands at Archery. 
  • Spend your time outdoors playing Croquet 
  • Take a guided tour to the Sigirya Lion Rock. 
  • Go on a cultural tour to Dambulla, Polonnaruwa or the Ritigala Monastery.
  • Enjoy a jeep safari to Minneriya

Now that you have your own list of the hidden boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, why wait? 

Visit the Travel Center Website now! Our friendly travel agents will help you book your 2021 holidays to Sri Lanka right away! With that, they will also give you the best guide to the hotels that you can book and more places that you can explore in the pearl of the Indian Ocean.  If you had spotted some other hidden gems like these before us, let us know in the comments below! 


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