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Places you never should think of visiting- countries with the most threat of terrorism revealed

  • The UK remains in the top 30 countries affected by terror
  • A fall in the number of death rate can be seen
  • Afghanistan crown as the country with the highest impact of terrorism

With the threat of terror attacks often prevalent in popular destinations, terrorism is something many holidaymakers fear about when hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities. According to the latest research – these are the most dangerous countries in the world, you should never step in to.

Terrorism is a terrifying topic for holidaymakers these days as the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2019 recently exposed countries at risk from terrorism. Alarmingly, out of 163 nations on the list, Britain is ranked in 28th position based on measurements of the impact of terrorism over the past five years.

However, the number of deaths from terrorism fell for the fourth consecutive year globally, after peaking in 2014.

A spokesperson for the Global Terrorism Index said, “the fall in the total number of deaths from terrorism was mirrored by a reduction in the impact of terrorism around the world, with 98 countries recording an improvement on their GTI score, compared to 40 that recorded a deterioration.”

According to the latest report, these are the countries with the highest threat of terrorism,

Afghanistan top the list as the country with the highest impact of terrorism. According to the GTI reports: “Afghanistan has replaced Iraq as the country most affected by terrorism, recording a 59 per cent increase in terrorism deaths to 7,379 in 2018.

“The increase is closely aligned with the increasing intensity of the civil war. There has been a constant increase in both terrorism and battlefield deaths over the past decade as the security situation continues to deteriorate.

“Total deaths from terrorism in Afghanistan have increased by 631 per cent since 2008.” Iraq is in the second place followed by Nigeria which recorded more than 100 additional deaths. Syria and Pakistan made up to the top five countries with the highest impact of terrorism.

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