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Perfect 4 Nights in Malta Without a Car

Perfect 4 Nights in Malta Without a Car

This is a destination that, for several years, has only lured pensioners or those searching for an all-inclusive resort holiday. But the currents are changing and now, more and more independent travellers are looking forward to visiting and exploring this island.

Modes of Transport Available for Getting Around Malta

  • By Bus: It’s easy to travel around Malta this way, thanks to a widespread network that runs on the mainland and Gozo.
  • By Ferry: There are consistent ferries that travel amid Malta, Gozo and Comino, so you can travel without any difficulty.
  • By Water Taxi: Travel across from Valletta’s Grand Harbour and enjoy a ride on a customary Maltese boat known as a dghajsa (pronounced dye-sa).

4 Nights/5 Days Malta Itinerary

Beyond the cheap prices and brilliant weather, there are plenty of things to put on your 4 nights/5 days Malta itinerary to experience this destination to its full potential!

Day 1: Spend the Day at your Hotel

Grab your flight to Malta from the UK, according to our Travel Center expertise we suggest that you make your way to the Urban Valley Resort and Spa hotel, and spend the day at your hotel before you begin exploring this remarkable destination.

Day 2: Visit Sliema City

On the second day of your 4 nights/5 days in Malta itinerary, it’s time to explore the lovely Sliema City, Malta’s biggest city is the ideal place to base yourself on the island. Not far from the ancient capital of Valletta, Sliema is also extremely well linked in terms of public transport with nearly all the buses travelling across the city.

There are several things you can do in Sliema:

After a marvellous breakfast at the hotel, travel to the Manoel Island which is home to the historic Fort Manoel built during the 18th century and witness some delightful views. Today, you’ll find that the island is linked to the busy strip of the Gzira waterfront by a tiny bridge and the island consist of an extravagant yacht marina, a shipyard, and a huge restaurant serving pizza and pasta 7 days a week. Take a brief walk from cosmopolitan Sliema, and you’ll also see that the area provides a thrilling blend of secure swimming waters, designer stores, and delicious café’s to be relished by everyone that passes by.

Then take a stroll on the Seaside Promenade Walk; a never-ending 2km expanse of land with spectacular views of the ocean. The seaside promenade following Tower Road is still one of the longest uninterrupted expanses of unhindered open sea views to be relished anywhere inside Malta’s urban environment. Beginning from the boundaries of Qui-si-sana neighbourhood, and travelling towards St. Julian’s, one walks past a British military installation, now a restaurant, regionally recognized as Il-Fortizza (The Fortress), one of Grandmaster’s De Redin 17th century seaside watchtowers, churches, and countless ice cream parlours. Once you get to Balluta Bay, make sure that you don’t miss the group of Art-Deco terraced townhouses.

When you’re done with the Seaside Promenade Walk, go for a swim in the ‘Roman Baths’ a chain of rock-cut pools. Despite not having many sandy beaches, Sliema’s coastline is still preferred for swimming, mainly thanks to these baths. Just underneath the stunningly situated Surfside Restaurant, you’ll find a series of rectangular rock-cut pools, protected from the open sea currents and fitted with swimming pool ladders. The pools are frequently referred to as Roman Baths or Fond Ghadir, though they possibly date to the much more current Victorian age.

Then visit the spectacular Stella Maris Parish Church, a captivating religious structure, and roam in and out of the dozens of tiny shops and boutiques scattered around.

And to end the day perfectly, take a walk down the Back Streets of Sliema, and witness some remarkable sceneries, beginning from Sir Adrian Dingli Street walk around for glimpses, and at times endless rows, of houses containing elaborate walkways, vibrant Maltese balconies and Art-Deco, Art-Nouveau porticos that at one point defined Sliema’s metropolitan landscape. Why not take a break, and try some coffee and vegan cake at Cafe Berry?

Day 3: Explore Valletta

You can’t go 4 or 5 days to Malta without spending at least one day in Valletta, Malta’s capital. The city isn’t too vast so it’s completely possible to explore it on foot in only one day. It would be quite a hectic schedule to be able to see everything, so let’s get started!

For Day 3 begin by exploring Valletta, a beautiful walled city, and a World Heritage City as well as a European Art City which is well known for its incredible churches museums and palaces, you can walk down the tranquil streets and by-lanes of the metropolis, after that, go see the Maltese Gallerias, an important attraction of customary Maltese buildings.

Then you can visit St George’s Square, (also known as Palace Square, which is one of the central and most visited squares of the capital of Malta), the Parliament structures and the Manoel Theatre for a chance to explore the history of Valletta.

You could also tour the Casa Rocca Piccola, a living museum, which is the 16th-century palace of the Maltese Noble family, it’s open from 10 am to 5 pm (last admittance 4 pm) every day apart from Sundays, and guided tours happen on the hour, go on for 45 minutes and are generally given in clear spoken English.

And when you’re done with the museum walk on the Lower Barrakka Garden to go see the “Siege Bell War Monument’ and relish the view above the harbour.

Then go to Upper Barrakka Garden to be present at the customary noon cannon shooting ritual! You’ll see officials in Military uniforms fire cannons marking the time of day. For nearly 500 years, the Saluting Battery has been utilized as a timekeeping tool and to commemorate special events. The custom continues as a way to celebrate the Naval forces that used to defend Valletta from numerous enemies coming in from the sea.

Note: The canon shooting comes from an ancient Valletta custom: foreign vessels will be welcomed by a cannon shot from the saluting battery.

Day 4: Full Day Island Tour Package

On Day 4 Travel Center offers a full island tour package in this deal that includes the following;

You will explore Gozo island, the second biggest island in the Maltese archipelago, here you will revel in a full day of sightseeing offering you stunning beaches and fascinating sites.

Then from Gozo Island, you have to take a tiny shuttle boat to Comino Islands, with its natural rock developments and transparent waters. The trip lasts around 20-25min and costs £ 8.96. There is a boat that departs every hour (even a little more in the high season). The boat departure point is next to the Mgarr ferry departure.

The boat would drop you off at Comino’s leading appeal, the Blue Lagoon, with its shallow, blue-coloured waters, excellent sand, and spectacular sights, it’s a brilliant spot to take a swim, unwind and enjoy the sun. A true paradise!

After you’ve relaxed, make sure that you also explore the sea caves and grottos for a unique encounter on this island!

Day 5: Relax at the Hotel

After a very exciting couple of days, exploring what this destination has to offer, why not relax at your hotel before you travel back to the UK.

From romantic beach sunsets to family appeals and delightful activities, Malta has something to satisfy every holiday wish.

Travel Center has the best deal available right now for 4 nights/5 days without a car, get to know this island nation, and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

Speak to our travel experts, as we have the first-hand experience in providing you with the best holiday deals, and we will also give you expert advice on what to see and do when you get there. Call us now and grab this deal before it’s too late!

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