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Our tips on how to save for a holiday!

If you think travelling is an expensive hobby, think again as we have your back now! With these tips, we’re going to guide you on how to save for a holiday.

It’s all about making you tick off your favourite destinations out of your bucket list.

Let’s get planning right away!

This comes first on the Holiday budget planner list!
It’s time to stop eating out and start cooking! Little did you know this helps you save a ton. You can buy fresh ingredients in bulk and start experimenting with your cooking skills.

Always choose boxed wine and cheap beers if you are on the lookout for saving up on alcohol as well.

You might never know; cooking can turn out to be your next favourite thing to do other than travelling.

When researching ideas on how to save for a holiday, one of the best ways is to track your spending. Trust me; you will finally realise how much unwanted expenditure you can avoid.

If you like being well organised and want to research this closely, use a spreadsheet.

Take a close look at all your accounts and find out exactly what your finances look like; If your money management is done right, that’s a good sign for your travel fund.

When was the last time you looked for the sale sign when shopping? If it’s been a long time, then start right away!

One of the best ways is to avoid impulsive buying for some time and plan how you shop and the price points you look for.

Even the fanciest stores offer discounts; watch out for them to ease your spending.

Every penny you save goes into your Holiday fund, so it’s always best to be kind and look for an attractive bargain.

The gym is not the only way out to keep your body fit and healthy! We’re welcoming you to try the alternatives that can save you the membership cost.

Hey gym freaks, it’s time to go running, hiking, or practice bodyweight exercise routines outside!

Not only about saving but it helps you get a bit of fresh air as well.

So now we cut off the gym membership on your Holiday budget planner and see how much you save monthly to give your travel fund a happy raise.

We’re up for a yard sale! If it doesn’t fit into the favourite list, we suggest you start selling the extras; these things might be handy to some.

It can be clothes, electronics, furniture or home goods, just sell away!

Also, if the Yard sale isn’t your thing, you can sell your things online. Oh, this method helps you rehome and also save towards the travel fund.

All about the side hustle when saving for your holiday fund!

It’s time to do freelance work or sell your handicrafts; this helps you discover a new passion you might develop and save for your holiday fund.

If you don’t want to go for the extras, start working overtime; this will increase your pay to save up.

Or maybe a part-time job will do the trick; it can be anything like a waiter, bartender or even a supermarket cashier.

The best tip on how to save for a holiday; all you need is a plan and some motivation to top it off.

Start by opening a new bank account to keep your travel fund aside, or you can also make use of a budget tracking app that will help you keep track of all the money you saved.

These methods make saving an easy task for you and let you know how much you need more to reach your goal of saving.

We’re ticking out cocktail bars, movies and going on expensive dates on your Holiday budget planner this time.

But don’t lose hope; there’s always a better substitute.

Try out DIY cocktails that can rock your night in, along with some of your favourite movies at home.

Helping you out as a cupid on cheaper date ideas! Enjoy a romantic picnic in your garden or stargazing as romance blooms everywhere.

This might not seem like an issue big enough to start talking about, but it makes a big difference on your wallet.

Everything from wasting money on Starbucks to snacking on unhealthy, expensive treats, it’s all about starting from scratch to find where you are overspending.

Not just helping your holiday fund but also your health, smoking kills you and your wallet.

It’s all about making the right decisions when setting up a holiday budget planner and see how you can avoid these extras. 

In the end, it’s all about the process and your happy journey.

Don’t forget to set price alerts for flight prices and other deals when you are on the process of the lookout for the best deals.

Keep an eye out for special fares that will help you save and use to book other parts of your holiday. Plan it and execute it with style!

With these tips and tricks on how to save for a holiday, we’re helping you save for your dream holiday! Making sure your holiday fund hits the jackpot of reaching its goal of a happy journey. Plan your holiday budget and travel with a smile!


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