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My trip to lusaka, Zambia.

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. It is also the largest city in the country, and one of the fastest growing cities in southern Africa. Lusaka is the center of commerce and government in Zambia, and is also the main transportation hub of the country, with all four of the country’s main highways connected to the city. Lusaka has a few attractions for visitors, including Lusaka National Museum, the Political Museum, the Zintu Community Museum, the Freedom Statue, the Zambian National Assembly, the Agricultural Society Showgrounds, the Moore Pottery Factory, the Lusaka Playhouse theatre, a cinema, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka, a cenotaph, a golf club, the Lusaka Central Sports Club, and the Munda Wanga Environmental Park.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Lusaka.
  1. Lusaka National Park
  2. Lilayi Elephant Nursery
  3. Presidential Burial Site National Monument
  4. Lusaka National Museum
  5. Namwandwe Gallery
  6. Lusaka City Market
  7. Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre
  8. Munda Wanga Environmental Park
  9. Freedom Statue
  10. Kabwata Cultural Village
Things to do in Lusaka.
  1. Visit The Sunday Crafts Market
  2. Discover Zambian artwork while visiting Namwandwe Art and Sculpture Gallery
  3. Buy veggies in the open market
  4. Munda Wanga Environmental Park
  5. Pat cheetahs at Chaminuka Luxury Lodge and Game Reserve
  6. Observe crocodiles at Kalimba Reptile Park
  7. See A Miniature Zambia At Nembo Scenic Park
  8. Get Some Refreshing Juice At Mint Lounge
  9. Visit The Kabwata Cultural Village
  10. Go Shopping At Manda Hill

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