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Maldives: The South Asian Tropical Island Country

Maldives… A country made up of hundreds of islands. My dream country to visit and I’m so much happy to state that, the dream came true in last Mid January.

I was waiting impatiently with great enthusiasm to visit the tropical nation.

You should watch the islands from the sky, as I was stunned by the view. It took some moments to get back to my senses. Nature has gifted so much of beauty to the nation in the Indian Ocean which is composed of 26 Coral Atolls.

The island has deep blue seas with great reefs, white sandy beaches, and varied vegetation. It is the best spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Or if you want to discover the crystal clear waters with so many different fish swimming around the corals – you’re just in the right place. These shores are always open to everyone, as it offers a peaceful shelter for visitors.

I’m a licensed Scuba Diver, not by profession but it was my greatest hobby. Just imagine, for me, Maldives is almost the paradise in middle of an ocean.

Since I’ve already collected so much information about my dream country long before my journey, Bluetribe Moofushi Resort was the first place I wanted to visit. It is located near to the western barrier reef, at mid-atoll. Also, the most famous dives spots of Maldives are in the surrounding area as well.

I spent a week, with almost eight fun dives. The Maldivian team was very supportive and they put me on the coolest dives and I saw the most awesome marine life ever. I was really lucky to see whale sharks, grey reef sharks, eagle ray and various kind of turtles during my dives.

The place is also famous for water sports such as windsurfing, snorkeling and riding on pedal boats.

My second and last visit was to Alimatha Island. It is in Vaavu Atoll and sits on the eastern edge of Maldives. It is a fully Maldivian owned tourist destination which offers aquarium-like snorkelling, world-class diving sessions and a crucial beach comprehensive with great accommodations. The island itself has gorgeous green plant lives surrounded by beaches and many spectacular spots.

It’s fantastic place to enjoy your time with your partner and children. Nature is at its best, Crew always available for help us with all our needs. And, I should mention the food – ITALIAN, it was awesome. Staying there was like being in an Italian beach during summer. Almost everything you hear, feel and see would be like Italian.

I swam with the fish and dived all I want. There were lots of people relaxing on the beach and many  were playing beach football, beach volley, tennis and ping pong – people were enjoying the time to their maximum.

My vacation concluded with wonderful two weeks.

I would prefer January and February to spend your holidays in Maldives; those are the less rainy months.

As I said, this is a dream came true for me. For that I’m so much great full to my boss Adam, who helped me to reach Travel Center. If not Travel Center, my dream would still be remain as a dream. My heartfelt thanks to you guys. Grazie Travel Center UK!


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