How to stay fit while travelling

How to stay fit while travelling

Are you taking a holiday anytime soon? Are you worried that things can put your daily routine out of balance — that includes your fitness routine and diet.

On many occasions, the destinations you travel to doesn’t have the exercise equipment you regularly use for your workouts. You would be lucky if the hotel you stay in has some dumbbells in their gym, and sometimes, it might not have the equipment you use at all. Of course, you could find a gym in the area and pay for one or two days, but you are on vacation, and that’s really an option you would not want to take — after all, taking a break from your daily routine is the whole point. When you are on holiday, it’s a new place, and you’ve got lots to do, places to go and things to see. So, you trying to fit in a training session might not be on your programme.

Then comes the diet. It’s an easy task to stick to your day to day diet plan when you’re at home — you can pre-plan your meals out and stock your fridge with plenty of healthy food, but when you’re on holiday, you will not have an approach to the kitchen, and you will tend to eat out a lot, even at places that are known for their excessive menus. After all, you’re on vacation! It’s a time to satisfy the foodie in you and unwind.

So, taking these matters into your mind, what can you do to balance keeping fit, while exhaustively rollicking on your vacation?

Here’s what we suggest to you in regards to working out and eating on vacation.

The Holiday Workout

First, the good news: if you plan to go a week or two without lifting weights will have a little pernicious result on your strength. Research shows that up to six weeks of idleness will affect only a minor dwindle in power. Worried about skipping one week’s training that is going to set you back? Well, don’t be, you will be just fine!

Taking a break from all the heavy weight lifting for a few days may the ideal thing your body needs to recover entirely and prepare itself for plunging back into lifting iron once you get back home.

With that said, I am sure that you would want to stay active while on holiday, mainly to keep up with your metabolism against the pounds you would be packing on from all the delicious food you’ll be gorging on.

With goals set in mind, do short, but extreme metabolic workouts while on the road. The best part is that you can do these inside or outside. Just remember don’t get carried away, only spend about 30 minutes with it. Keeping in mind that you’re on vacation, and you’ve got better things to do.

Doing the following exercises, one after the other non-stop. When you complete it, take a break for a couple of minutes, and then try it again.

Air Squats 1×10
Push-ups 1×10
Lunges 1×10
Chair Dips 1×10
Sit-ups 1×10

Remember, go fast and hard on this one.

Other Workouts

There are many different workouts that you could do while on vacation. More simple ones, if you are on a beach, do sand sprint intervals. If you are going to be in the mountains, do a lot of hiking and trekking, also stay generally active. Swim, bike and walk. Just keep the workouts fun, intense and short, you are good to go. By this, it will be good for your body, and the best way to get to know the local area and give your senses a full blow by seeing its sights, hearing its sounds, and smells.

The Holiday Diet

When you go on a holiday, and when it comes to food, you are always left confused where the food is concerned. With all the choices, menus and all the delectable flavours, you feel that it’s going to be difficult to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about those extra calories, and you also wouldn’t want to go back home feeling bulkier.

During the day, eat a very few carbs, sticking with meals that are high in protein and fats. Also take in lots of sugar-free, no-carb foods. You could relish on some bacon, eggs, white meats, and cold cuts with no fear at all.

The best time to do your workout just before dinner time, but if your agenda has something else on it, then it’s okay. So, enjoy your dinner, indulge in some of the beautiful cuisine and give your taste buds the time of its life, while not having to worry that whatever you eat will be settling on your hips.

If your holiday consists of breakfasts or lunches with carbs, don’t overthink, just eat it. Don’t forget that you are enjoying your holiday, so you can let it loose a little.

Chillax, don’t sweat it too much, but set a goal and do your best. Remember you are going back home after your holiday and you could quickly get right back on track with your regular routine!

So, if you’re planning to go on holiday, we at Travel Center are more than happy to assist you with the best deals and holiday packages in town. Don’t wait too long, call or email us right away!

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