Fly with Air France to experience top-notch services on the sky

Take off from the comfort zone and book your most awaited holiday with Travel Center, offering you a wide range of award-winning airlines and undoubtedly Air France is the best option left for you. Now you can avoid limited facilities and uncomfortable cabins when you travel in Air France planes. Whether for business or pleasure, Air France promises to deliver sophisticated services onboard for its customers. As Air France doing their best to attract all types of travellers, they offer an incredible variety of options from lavish lounges to inflight entertainments and onboard meals. Taking luxury into the skies Air France offers you a ride to be remembered. Let’s take a look inside Air France planes and all of the options available for you to experience.

Why you should trust AirFrance?

Exactly 86 years ago on 7th October, AirFrance made its first appearance to the airline industry, which was a turning point for AirFrance to become the county’s national flag carrier for seven decades. Today, Air France is a global award-winning airline that carries millions of passengers each year and also a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance that allows AirFrance to connect with more destinations. The Skytrax is a brand known for quality excellence throughout the world by the air transport industry, and its mainly recognised for the World Airline Awards. The AirFrance pride its self for being notably rewarded by Skytrax for its quality of La Première Service. Air France also crowns top three positions with awards last year for the best first-class in-flight dining, best first-class lounge dining, and for the best first-class comfort amenities.

What to expect inside AirFrance planes!

Flying in La Première (First Class)

La Première cabin has taken the realm of a paradise one step further with its newest amenities and services. La Première cabins are uniquely customized to meet the clients’ needs. So, if you are flying in La Première cabin, expect to get personalized services from friendly cabin crew members and all your needs during your flight, will be sorted with a smile.

The comfort of La Première,

Since first-class suites offer you more space to move around, you can experience the privacy and comfort that you always wanted. Individual cloakroom, storage space, and bedside lamps will make you feel at home in the sky. You will experience a hotel standard comfort when you sleep in cosy beddings along with a large fluffy duvet in your first-class private suite. Transform the setting as you want, whether you want to sit back and relax or to have long hours of sleep these reclining seats are perfect to change your moods.

Dinning on La Première,

Enjoy an exceptional dining experience with a gourmet cuisine by famous chefs like Joël Robuchon, Guy Martin, and Régis Marcon known for their flavourful dishes. Also, you shouldn’t miss signature dishes from one of the renowned Michelin-starred Chef Jean-François Rouquette, only can be tasted in La Première cabin. You must try one of the refreshing cocktails from Colin Field, head bartender at the Ritz will blow your mind with a

Entertainment, at your fingertips

Enjoy inflight entertainment throughout your journey with your favourite TV shows, movies, games, documentaries, music and relaxation videos. Browse feature movies that are available in HD and transform your 24-inch screen into a veritable movie theatre.

Flying in Business class

If you are taking Business class for your trip, Air France guarantees you the best comfort and tailored services throughout your flight. You can change your business class cabin with its spacious space to an office, restaurant, entertainment lounge and bedroom. 

The comfort of Business class

Business-class is truly an ideal working space for business travellers which offers everything you need to work in comfort including power outlets, adjustable reading lamp, storage space and noise-cancelling headphones to work peacefully.

You will love the contemporary design and elegance of your Business seat. The padded upholstery, footrests, leather armrests, and metallic finishing touches, every detail in cabins are designed to give you comfort and privacy throughout your journey.

Dinning on Business class,

French and international cuisine will surely wow your senses throughout your journey. By travelling in the Business cabin, you will discover the creations of famous chefs serving you excellent dishes of Aperitifs, appetizers, hot dishes, cheeses, pastries, sorbets and fruit desserts. You will also have the chance to taste classic wines from every region of France and savour them in sleek, elegant glasses.

Entertainment, at your fingertips,

You can transform your space into an entertainment lounge with classic movies, blockbusters, documentaries, TV series, music, games and more are at your fingertips. Variety of programs will give you plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself. 

Flying in Premium Economy class,

Premium Economy cabins designed keeping you in mind to give you a comfortable ride throughout your journey. Its elegant design brings about a sensation of relaxation and space. It’s a perfect choice of a cabin for rest or work. The Premium Economy cabin will allow you to travel in perfect serenity.

The comfort of Premium Economy class,

All premium economy cabins are equipped with broad relaxing seats to give you more space to move around and inflight services to meet your personal needs. Interiors and high-quality amenities will make premium economy class almost as luxurious as your living space at home. Reclining seats will give your personal space and comfort for all.

Dinning on Premium Economy class,

Enjoy a quality meal on board, when you fly in the premium economy regardless of your destination. Your flight is sure to be a gourmet experience! Enjoy meal options tailored to you and receive quality service throughout your flight. You can begin your gourmet meal with a refreshing drink and finish your meal with a delicious dessert and top it all off with a hot or cold drink.

Enjoy premium entertainment,

When you are flying in premium economy class, you will get everything you need for work and entertainment. Enjoy working onboard or play independently with a personal touchscreen, noise-reducing headset, adjustable reading lamp, an electronic PC outlet and USB ports are available throughout your flight

Flying in Economy class

You can expect an affordable and comfortable journey when you fly in Economy Class. The cabin is spacious and bright providing you with a relaxing atmosphere throughout your flight. Take a moment to relax and relish in a sophisticated ambience under economy class cabins before you depart. The entire economy class cabin is designed for your comfort.

The comfort of Economy class,

You can get yourself comfortable with ample room for your legs and you can incline the headrest as desired. Have a great night sleep in a fluffy pillow, fleece blanket along with a sleep mask

Dinning on Economy class,

You will get your meal with a cocktail or mocktail served with savoury treats. Depending on your destination, you have the opportunity to try local specialities on the flight.

Entertainment, at your fingertips,

You can enjoy entertainment in one tap on your screen and access your entertainment selection. Your entertainment program is updated every month and includes movies, documentaries, TV shows and cartoons.

Whether you’re one who looks at nothing but the price when you book or think about things quality and upgrades, it’s helpful to know what to expect when making airline reservations. So, are you thinking of booking an Air France flight? Let Travel Center take care of your booking hassle to make your air travel even more convenient. 

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