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Explore a winter wonderland on your Getaway in Lapland!

Finland is not only about snow, ice and Northern Lights! Although these are plausibly the most usual things that travellers enjoy in Finland. Of course, it’s frigid outside, and it’s that perfect weather just to cosy up by the fire while sipping freshly made hot chocolate, but why should you miss out on the fun? You would be amazed by the amount of adrenaline-pumping activities, to calm & mellow things you can do by yourself, your significant other, your family, or, with friends!

What are getaways in Lapland famous for?

It’s no surprise that Lapland is one of the most picturesque destinations in Europe. Lapland is the only place on the planet where you will feel as if you are in a true winter wonderland with magical Christmas vibes. After all, this is the homeland of Santa Claus’! In addition to that, Lapland has a fairy-tale-like surrounding snow-capped forests and cosy lodgings. A Lapland holiday can be taken during any time of the year. Even though Winter is the best time of the year for a getaway in Lapland. From December till early April you will experience the real deal! If you want an ideal winter holiday, then this is your best option. Not forgetting the magic that happens during summer, from the Midnight Sun to gorgeous views that Lapland offers.

Lapland holidays

Things you can do on your getaway to Lapland

Lapland is an unspoiled gem with a naturally beautiful landscape of snowy forests, frozen lakes and vast stretches of fields. Most of the traditional Lappish activities involve snow, and there are lots of various ways of exploring. Here are some of the most popular things to do on a getaway in Lapland.

Northern Lights safaris

A natural wonder of the world, the Aurora Borealis occurs during the Winter, from November to April. Travel away from bright city lights, to a more remote area to catch a glimpse of this magical phenomenon.


This is an active and exciting activity. Traditionally being pulled by a team of the cutest and furriest runners, (huskies) traversing the snowy plains.

Reindeer sleigh rides

Enjoy amazing open sleigh rides pulled by reindeer traditionally decorated harness. It’s not the speediest of rides, but it’s undoubtedly the quietest and the best way to enjoy the pretty snowscapes. The only disappointing fact is that they don’t fly like the legends say!

Reindeer sleigh rides

Snowmobile safaris

This area is perfect for a snowmobile safari because of its network of trails, through forests, and past frozen lakes. You don’t need any previous experience to ride a snowmobile, but you need to be over 18 years of age and have a driving license.

Snowmobile safaris

Visit Santa Claus Village

Your getaway in Lapland would not be complete without a visit to the Santa Clause Village and meeting jolly old Father Christmas himself! This fun-filled park where you can feed the reindeer, meet Santa, do some shopping and cross the Arctic Circle.

Enjoy a Lappish sauna

The sauna traditions in Lapland is a huge deal, it’s a perfect retreat to escape from the freezing cold. You can rent a portable sauna, and use it indoors.

Enjoy a Lappish sauna

Ice fishing

Ice fishing is a traditional sport that takes place in quiet areas of Lapland, you can book guides who give you the guidelines on what to do and what not to do. Usually, this starts by penetrating the ice up to a metre thick using a special drill. You can catch Perch, Pike, Zander, and Whitefish.

TIP: Since it is cold: around -10C to -20C, thermal suits can be hired and are incredibly effective.

Ice fishing

Where to stay on your getaway in Lapland

If you’re looking for a hotel that offers excellent comfort, and easy access to tourist magnets on your getaway in Lapland then a resort in Rovaniemi, the vibrant capital city of the Arctic Circle is your best option! Hotels in Rovaniemi are unmistakably the most unique ones in Lapland, and we have the ideal resort in store for you!

The beautiful Appuka Resort located in a unique location, perched only 15 mins from the center of Rovaniemi, blending unparalleled, novel experiences with culture, tradition and unblemished nature. Situated between two lakes, making this spot the best place to marvel at the Northern Lights, and do a lot of activities. Enjoy your getaway in Lapland in a stunning Aurora Cabin, a Lappish Komsio Suite, Aurora Wagons and in unique Ice Log Cabins, or in a classic apartment. Go on a culinary adventure with modernistic Nordic cuisine, coupled with a warm and cosy ambience. Rejuvenate in a unique Apukka Sauna Experience, such as traditional sauna bathing, and the incredible Ice Sauna! 

Magical Lapland break with Husky Safari

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