Best places to visit in November
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End 2021 with a bang! Best places to visit in November & December

No matter what you want to experience, it can be the pre-Christmas glow or much-needed winter sun; we have the best places to visit in November and December.

Let’s bring back the fun times by ending this year with a beautiful memory of how 2021 left with a good note by your suitcase.

Something you’re missing this year? It should be going on holiday!

Best places to visit in November

Sayulita, Mexico

Best places to visit in November -  Sayulita

With waves that sing looking out for you to have a ride and the sandy beaches that expect you to build your empire disguised as a sandcastle, Sayulita is a pacific coast hippy town. 

It’s a tale your tastebuds write, and it’s going to be a successful one with the dining scenes that has a lot up their sleeves to impress you! 

Nothing is too hard here as sun-kissed mornings and breeze-held evenings make you want to sit by the waves and admire the seascapes. 

If all of this doesn’t seem like an adrenaline-rushing adventure, then Hike to Monkey Mountain or get yourself on the mindset to go Mountain biking; All of our action-addicted souls love this; if you are one of us,then you will too!

With all of these points pushing Sayulita on top of the best places to visit in November list, I think we have our first winner! 


Best places to visit in November -  Cuba

We’re talking boutique bar and hotel scene carved to impress you along with the beaches with white sand. 

Searching for Places to visit in November? Cuba does the trick for you perfectly.

Do ask us why, as we would love to talk about it! Not just the colourful scenes of Havana and the beach resort town, Varadero, there’s a lot more to experience. 

See more of what we mean here –

We’re talking moments that will make your jaw drop! 

Come back with memories in the lush forests, crocodile-infested swamps, abandoned coffee plantations and much more elements that add a little bit of thrill to your holiday! 

Oh, and don’t forget to grab your meals at the paladares, which are restaurants run out of locals’ homes. 

Tenerife, Spain

Best places to visit in November -  Spain

Best places to visit in November?

White sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts are not the only stars of the show! There’s a lot more to Tenerife, and we’re going to explore that.

Grab your hats and sunscreen for a holiday of a lifetime! 

As beauty and diversity play a massive part in mesmerising you, there are things involved that will make you feel more alive than ever. Start by hiking in the Teide National Park or by scuba-diving; there’s nothing more exciting than exploring the mysteries of the sea.

Your adventure doesn’t come to an end there! Along with tropical-forest trails and dark invasions into volcanic lava, there’s the calm side of Tenerife that calls out to you with open arms! 

Visit the temples and museums that hold traditions and culture proudly and see why this destination shines so bright. 

Does Tenerife attract you with its splendours and make its way into your places to visit in November? 

Take a look at more wonders from Spain here and decide! Click here

Best places to visit in December

Rovaniemi & Levi, Finnish Lapland

Best places to visit in November -  Lapland

If you hear ”ho ho ho” then you’re closer to this place! Hearing silent night in the background as you enter this winter wonderland is where the Christmas spirit comes within. 

Make your way into the snow-studded forests as the chilly breeze blows, presenting you with a sky full of lights that dance artistically. 

As temperatures typically range between -4°C and -11°C, there’s a lot of cool things to see (pun intended.) 

Read more about it here

If you think that’s all of it, there’s a surprising cuisine waiting for you! Brace yourselves for the leipäjuusto (gooey bread cheese) dessert. 

Let the nature lover inside you run out in the wild as your trip to Levi will make the best memories. Hiking trails talk t about nature’s best white and green-screened shows filled with snow and greeneries. 

Say hi to Santa for us when you travel to one of the best places to visit for Christmas!

Dresden, Germany

Best places to visit in November -  Germany

Gold lights twinkle in Christmas trees and wreaths in the centre of the Saxon city, the smell of mulled wine pulls you closer to have a sip and while you hear carols in the distance, what more could you want? 

Dresden’s Christmas market makes sure you get into the joy of celebrating the festive break and does that perfectly well.

If you are travelling with kids, there are funfair-style carousels to get them in the Christmas spirit. Oh, and grab a fruity Germanstollenloaf! 

Leaving out the festive part, there’s a lot more that Dresden would like you to take a stroll and admire, starting with the quirky Neustadt to the World War II walking tour.

So, after you’ve had the perfect festive day, take a walk, admire the Town’s Baroque architecture and try the Cheese soup at Pfunds Molkerei!

See our tips on how to plan for a budget friendly trip to Germany here –


Best places to visit in November -  New York

When you attend the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center, you’ll know why you are in New York right now!

I mean, isn’t it a dream come true? Well, at least for me.

Magnificent ornaments come to life, and an iconic ice-skating rink invites everyone to dance away into the night filled with live performances by top singers and bands.

Not just becoming a festive musical treat; it has something for everyone!

Don’t forget to check out the Holiday Train Show in the Bronx, as kids can see over a dozen toy trains cruising past the city’s iconic buildings.

New York wears the crown of strikingly decorated to impress; take a stroll and see window displays in Fifth Avenue department stores.

There’s more to explore but finish off your journey by seeing ”The Nutcracker”, a classic holiday experience for New Yorkers!

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A sight to witness? A wonder to experience? It’s all of it!

There’s more to explore but finish off your journey by seeing ”The Nutcracker”, a classic holiday experience for New Yorkers! That’s all of our suggestions on how to end this year with a bang! Make your plans now for best places to visit in November or December as it’s not long before the red and green lights start sparkling. Sit back, grab an eggnog and make your plans to make 2021 a year worth saving in your best memories.


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