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Djibouti City – The Pearl of the Gulf of Tadjoura

Djibouti City is the capital of the African nation of Djibouti, which gives the city its name. It is the primate city of Djibouti, as approximately 60% of the country’s population lives within the city. Founded in 1888 by the French, it has a history of being the capital of French Somaliland and later the French Territory of the Afars and Issas, which are now known as the state of Djibouti. Known as the “Pearl of the Gulf of Tadjoura” due to its location, Djibouti city is strategically positioned near some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes and acts as a refueling and trans-shipment center. Djibouti city has an active culture, including its diverse cuisine.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Djibouti City
  1. Djibouti City
  2. Lake Assal
  3. Tadjoura
  4. Ali Sabieh
  5. The Gulf of Tadjoura
  6. Goba’ad Plain
  7. Hanlé Plain
  8. Doralé and Khor Ambado
  9. Tropical Aquarium
  10. Day Forest National Park
Things to do in Djibouti City
  1. Visit the Djibouti City
  2. Chew Khat
  3. Have some fun at the Lake Assal
  4. Eat Djiboutian food
  5. Visit the Hamoudi Mosque
  6. Enjoy a sip of Tea
  7. Eat Lahoh
  8. Dive at the Gulf of Tadjoura
  9. Explore the Tropical Aquarium
  10. Visit Cathédrale Notre-dame Du Bon-Pasteur

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