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Destination of the month: Dubai!

Destination of the month: Dubai!

Life’s too short to pretend Dubai isn’t what every traveller dreams of witnessing! The city moves at miles beyond the usual pace, running alongside the future with a grip that translates into attractions you’ve never laid eyes on before.

So, let’s dive into what you’re getting yourself into! For instance, it’s not all about bustling innovation and life-changing reflections of the future. Underneath all the exterior that makes Dubai look more advanced than a sci-fi film, the city is also a safe haven for:

Adrenaline junkies

That’s right, it wouldn’t be a favourite if it didn’t have a hype-rushing verve of activities for travellers to make use of! From taking a plunge off the coast of the city’s golden sands and unforgettable dune rides to golf in the after-hours and getting a birds-eye view of the city from the sky, there’s something for everybody.

Night owls

Forever on the search for an enthralling nightlife? Then look no further! Take charge of the night with all of what Dubai has to offer at the rise of dusk, and trust us when we say that the city goes all out when it comes to nightlife excitement. With beat-blaring nightclubs and sleek rooftop terraces, your dance floor thrill under the stars is sure to go all night long.


 With titles such as “the world’s biggest mall” and “most impressive retail space” in its favour, there’s no doubt that Dubai is critically acclaimed for its shopping malls. Bringing in the contemporary vigour of a lifetime, the malls of Dubai might punch a sharp blow to most visitors’ wallets because let’s be real – everything looks purchase-worthy when they belong to brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada, A.K.A. the game changers of fashion.

But don’t worry, for most of us – high-end brands aren’t always the solution, and many malls have items with less jaw-drop inducing price tags. You don’t necessarily need to have a few thousand dirhams on hand to shop in the city!

Can’t stop thinking about a holiday in this glorious city? Well, you’re in luck! For an entire month, Travel Center is giving you the best rates on flights and holidays to Dubai. So, keep reading the latest articles on our blog if you want the inside scoop on everything to do with this urban playground.

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