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December 2020: The Final Honeymoon Destination list!

December 2020: The Final Honeymoon Destination list!

There are no better ways to seal the deal than by taking a trip to one of the destinations on this list. That is, if you’re planning to have your honeymoon in December! So, for the last time, let’s take a look into what we have for this month.

December’s list will primarily adhere to the colder side first! Boasting the likes of snow-capped mountain escapes and other winter odysseys

December 2020: The Final Honeymoon Destination list!

First up, Colorado!

The state is carpeted by layers of sugar-white snow but what makes this a unique point of attraction is that it makes it more than perfect for an end of the year ski trip. So, if you’ve always thought about spending your honeymoon doing all sorts of snow activities then you’re in for a real treat in Colorado. And just in case you get struck by the idea of wanting to spend more time living the American dream, we’d recommend visiting New York (unsurprisingly), Vegas or Florida.

Also, if you’re somehow not mystified by the beauty of the US state then The Swiss or The Austrian Alps might have more of a magnetising effect on you, or at least we hope. There’s no specific reason as to why included this, just that it’s horrendously gorgeous; also, it doesn’t hurt that there are so many alpine resorts open.

“Let’s put an end to all the snow” is probably what Global Warming said and we’re saying the same thing, except, we’re not bringing mankind to the brink of extinction.

So, with that being said, here’s our list of the destinations that won’t necessarily push you towards the chances of getting frostbite.

The Caribbean, of course, re-enters our list after comprehending a potentially disastrous hurricane season. This time there’s less violent winds and more cocktails under the gaze of the sun. Barbados, Antigua, Aruba, St. Lucia and Jamaica are all up for you to explore. Each offering indelible opportunities like no other. So, if you’ve got a penchant for a good beach holiday then this is probably where you should beheaded.

Finally, here’s New Zealand! The epitome of what divine landscapes look like. If you’ve been wanting to tick the country off your bucket list then there’s no better time than December. Paving the way for a jetstream of memories, the country is sure to leave you at a loss for words when it unveils everything it has to offer.

Places to avoid…
  • Eastern Europe tumbles toward a climate that is severe and not at all suitable for a honeymoon
  • Malaysia is halfway through its monsoon season, so it’s a no from us

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