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Complete bliss of Nature on off beaten paths!

Complete bliss of Nature on off beaten paths!

I always consider that travel is an art, a form of education, an Atlas of many destinations and experiences that goes hand in hand. It offers you a deeper, richer, and more fulfilling life. To many of us, travelling is a way of life, and there are dozens of reasons as to why we travel, and to me to be able to immerse in the beauty of Mother Nature, is a blessing and a reward that one could ever receive. The simplicity, delight and beauty of the natural world inspire you to dive into adventure or even take in all the sights of the astonishing wonders of the great outdoors on an escape into nature on off beaten paths, and there is a mixed bag of unlimited experiences for you out there!

Some destinations that we travel are widely popular, very touristy and we love to visit these places as it is. But a visit to under-rated turfs gives pure joy, and the rewards you receive are incomparable. Some of the best travel experiences are formed from places that have not been discovered yet, and these spots are rustic, blessed with Nature, eccentric and it leads down the trail on off beaten paths.

Discover The Hidden gems in Thailand!

There is an array of less touristy travel destinations that are simply incredible. Exploring lesser-visited destinations in Thailand is a fantastic place to explore and reminisce in the bliss of Nature on off beaten trails. Thailand is one of the most visited countries. This reason makes many parts of the country profoundly affected by over-tourism. However, when it comes to exploring this gem of a nation and its pristine Nature without the crowds, Thailand takes a top spot on the off beaten path travel.

The northern region of Thailand is utterly different from the rest of the country, in culture, climate, it’s landscape and is a perfect start to venture as you go deep in nature and traverse to places that are totally prodigious. Here you will find mountains, rivers, waterfalls and even a place of hill tribes! Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Chiang Pai are the most famous places and these parts of Thailand, then have a further read.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is privileged with natural beauty with dewy mountain tops, rivers, indigenous hill tribes, and is a paradise for travellers. It is a place to experience nature on the off beaten trail.  Learn of their cultures of , local lifestyle, local skills in creating handicrafts and antiques. Mingle with the locals try out the authentic cuisine and much more! This city is a fantastic place to visit. Spend the day on the beautiful banks of Huay Tung Tao Lake, where many locals gather around to spend their day, and it is a perfect place to get to know them. The views of this lake are stunning and about 20 minutes from Chiang Mai. The waters of the lake mirror the beautiful mountains, and there are petite grass huts studded around the lake and is an ideal spot to have a picnic. The Suan Dok Temple is a calm sight, and you can even engross in conversation with Buddhist Monks, a wonderful experience as you will learn more about the locality. The markets here is a vibrant sight and is a unique experience. The charming village, Mon Cham situated on top of a mountain provides a very scenic and picturesque view. You could walk through the farms of vineyards, strawberry fields, and herb fields. Spend the night at a local home or camp out and get to know more local Hmong life.

An off-beaten nature escape to Chiang Mai

  • Stay at the 4* Shewe Wana Boutique Resort and Spa on breakfast basis (Traveller’s Choice 2019)
  • Double or Twin Room
  • Free tuk-tuk shuttle services to Chiang Mai Night Bazzar
  • Free yoga classes at the Hotel
  • Complimentary Private guided Tour to The White Temple & The Golden Temple from Chiang Mai
  • Tour includes:
    1. Exploring the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.
    2. Visiting the white temple of Wat Rong Kuhn.
    3. Learn the opium trade of the “Golden Triangle” at the Opium House Museum.
    4. Hotel pick-up and drop off in private transportation by high-quality air-conditioned vehicle.
    5. Thai lunch, snacks, fruits and water.
  • Local 1st class travel insurance.
  • English-speaking guide.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a more secluded city with a charming atmosphere. It is more relaxed than Chiang Mai and is a historical and cultural magnet. With an imposing cluster of temples, languages, art, music and cuisine. The city has its own Night markets, and also in the making of its own Jazz Festival. To appreciate the beauty of this city, you could take a cooling boat ride along the Mae Kok River. Wat Huay Pla Klung is a Chinese styled temple which is surrounded by hills and offers terrific views from the 9th story, newly built temple. The Banyafu Lahu village is the epitome of off beaten path travel! A rustic place and an ideal place for trekking. Do Boi Viewpoint is a calm, picturesque place with scenic views, and is on the same road as the Banyafu Lahu village. After all, Chiang Rai City is all about relaxing and taking in the bliss of nature, savouring each moment.

Chiang Pai

This dream destination is a tiny little town set in-between Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai. Surrounded with lush green valleys, and mountains, Pai seems to come out straight from a postcard. Pai consists of three main streets, with the Pai River cutting through the town. Bamboo rafting and white-river rafting, popular among those who are adventure lovers. With the abundance of hiking and mountain trekking trails, you can browse through the city while enjoying the panoramic views.  Chiang Pai is freckled with natural hot springs, waterfalls and hill-tribe villages. The main street in Pai transforms into a night food market with stalls that sell delicious Thai food.  Chiang Pai is a place where you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures and slow down completely.

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