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Changsha – the best place to travel in 2018

Changsha is the capital of Hunan Province in south-central China. Inhabited from prehistoric times, Changsha was an important city throughout history due to its strategic location as a port. Even today, the city acts as an important center for trade and commerce in Southern China. Changsha is an important center for TV and entertainment arts and has many TV stations that produce some of the most popular programs in China. Changsha is home to the Lei Feng Memorial and statue, one of the main attractions of the city. Changsha is also the site of the tallest proposed building in the world, the Sky City skyscraper. Changsha has the largest Chinese restaurant in the world, the 5000-seat capacity West Lake Restaurant.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Changsha
  1. Hunan Provincial Museum
  2. Yuelu Hill Park
  3. Xiangjiang River
  4. Mawangdui Han Tombs
  5. Kaifu Temple
  6. Yuelu Academy
  7. Orange Isle
  8. Tianxin Pavilion
  9. Changsha Window of the World
  10. Hunan First Normal College
Things to do in Changsha
  1. Visit the world’s tallest wooden Church
  2. Admire Lushan Temple
  3. Go on a short trip to Juzi Island
  4. Visit the Tianxin Pavilion Park
  5. Visit the Mount Yuelu

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