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British Airways Health and Safety standards: concerns regarding Wuhan Coronavirus.

British Airways Health and Safety standards: concerns regarding Wuhan Coronavirus.

The rapid growth of Wuhan Coronavirus caused airline companies to be more concerned about their health and safety standards. As an acknowledged airline provider, British Airways is more uptight compared to the industry. They have been thorough of their passengers and clients about the deadly outbreak. 

As the spread of the coronavirus is more positive– British Airways announced the suspension of all flights from mainland China due to Foreign Office’s advice “all but essential travel” to the country. 

The foreign secretary Dominic Raab said:

“Due to the increasing travel restrictions and the public health situation, we now advise against all but essential travel to China. We are also working urgently to finalise arrangements for an assisted departure from Hubei province for British nationals this week, and are in contact with people in Hubei to ensure they register their interest and that we can keep them updated. The UK continues to be guided by the latest medical advice about the coronavirus outbreak. The safety and security of British people will always be our top priority.”

Followed by the decision, British Airways responded instantly by apologising to their passengers and clients, saying, “We have suspended all flights to and from mainland China with immediate effect following advice from the Foreign Office against all but essential travel.” Also, British Airways representative mentioned, “while we assess the situation.” airline is cancelling flights for two days, but it will be impossible to find direct flights from China on the airline’s website throughout the month of February.

The Government is taking fast phased decisions and urgent plans to depart quarantine Britons immediately from Hubei China. As the fear grows due to the deadly virus; safety of the British Citizens has declared by the Government. 

Infections in China

  • Jan. 20th       –      +77
  • Jan. 21st       –      +149
  • Jan. 22nd      –      +131
  • Jan. 23rd       –      +259
  • Jan. 24th       –      +444
  • Jan. 25th       –      +688
  • Jan. 26th       –      +769
  • Jan. 27th       –      +1771
  • Jan. 28th       –      +1459

Overall update of Coronavirus on January 30th

  • CASES – 7711
  • DEATHS – 172

Coronavirus info available to foreigners in Wuhan

Updated: 2020-01-28

To provide foreigners staying and residing in Wuhan timely consultation and assistance on epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, Wuhan Municipal Foreign Affairs Office has opened 24-hour consultation service hotlines as follows:

(12 am-12 pm)

  • Mr He 15989499096;
  • Miss Gao 18086457179

(12 pm-12 am)

  • Mr Zhang 13419692520
  • Miss Liu 18827377459

Source: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China

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