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A holiday to Ella; With great hearts, comes great responsibilities

A holiday to Ella; With great hearts, comes great responsibilities.

Welcome to the little hill country village in Sri Lanka where humanity runs in the blood, and hospitality practised as a religion. Most of you might already know the reason why I am saying this, but if you don’t, you will get to know at the end of this article. Ella has been under the attention of tourists all over the world for a decent amount of time. A holiday to Ella is something more than just a holiday where no words can describe it!

A holiday to Ella or a lifesaving journey to Ella?

Carefully halting the COVID-19 global pandemic, Sri Lanka has already proven the developing dominance within her. When you shut down airports all over the world, there are moments people get stranded without being able to fly home. Right now, millions of tourists are stuck in countries which isn’t their home, and many are having financial issues. Apart from their families, literally illegal to fly back home. 

When everything and anything is happening to everyone, the humble people of the hill country village, Ella had other plans. With no money and accommodation, stranded there were 14 tourists. That’s where the hospitality and “together as one” momentum started reflecting. All the citizens got together to help these 14 tourists by giving them food, accommodation and most superiorly giving them a family away from home. It’s not like a game of football, just a passion for treating people right against all the odds. 

This made the island nation start a campaign called tourism disaster monitoring and hosting program to help every stranded tourist by giving them food, accommodation and other essentials. Sri Lanka is a country highly depending on tourism. Now, tourism has gone down to the line, but the dignity and respect didn’t stop them.

Why a holiday to Ella is an offbeat experience?

Apart from the generosity and kindness of the Sinhalese, Ella is an utter natural beauty, with its waterfalls, tea plantations, greenery, and hills; it is just jaw-dropping. It has views that one hasn’t seen before, scenes one hasn’t witnessed before, and nature one hasn’t tasted before. Your holiday to Ella is incomplete without the 7-hour train ride from Kandy to Ella, one of the highlights of Sri Lanka, in my opinion. Through the cold mountains and the lush landscapes, here’s the best train ride in the world!

Ella is brimming with nature; wherever one sees, he gets to know why people desire to visit Ella so much. The greenery, blossoms, fields, all of them mould the beauty of Ella, a mould that is tricky to resist. With a fresh and clean atmosphere, Ella, or little England, is the ideal destination to go to if one wants to revive the brain. A holiday to Ella is an offbeat vibe of brilliance. 

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Aren’t you tempted for a holiday to Ella?

One of Ella’s sensations is Ella Rock. Ella rock might be a long way uphill, but it’s deserving all the effort. Each day, tons and tons of people hike the Ella Rock because of the exceptional view it gives to its climber. The panorama from the peak of Ella Rock is challenging to put in such simple expressions. 

Another phenomenon of Ella is her waterfalls. The refreshing and clean water that slide down the Ravana fall is a very popular waterfall on the island. It is one of the most attractive sites in Sri Lanka. However, this scenery is just so appealing. People from all over the world hit this place because of its natural elegance and its pretty backdrops. 

Ella is just from a different world, and there is a reason why Ella is called as “lonely planet”. Visit this beautiful island nation, book a holiday to Ella with the help of our traveller friendly holiday deals and engage in a holiday you never dreamed of. One for all and all for one. It’s all about travel!

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