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A British Dad arrested by Egyptian police for “sexually harassing” an airport security worker.

A British Dad arrested by Egyptian police for "sexually harassing" an airport security worker.

Tony Camoccio, a 51 years old British Citizen from Sutton, has been accused of a sexual assault and arrested by the Egyptian police due to a minor incident occurred at Hurghada International Airport.

The father of four was at the airport with his family and friends for a departure security check-up to Great Britain; according to his family’s statement, “Tony, simply, patted the member of the staff on the back, at the airport to say thank you.”

Dave’s 17-year-old daughter Elle Brooker said,

He was patted down and to show his appreciation, he patted the guy on the back. Then there was a rush and they shouted for the police. He was pulled to one side and arrested right there.”

“I was in a state of shock and had no idea what they were arresting him for. I think it is absolutely ridiculous. This could ruin his life. He meant no harm at all. It is all just one big misunderstanding and he should be released as soon as possible. He did nothing wrong.”

His 53 years old wife Joan and 26 years old son Remo have decided to remain in Egypt to fight against local authorities to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, a union of 3000 people have confronted to sign an online petition to “Free Britons” in Cairo, Egypt.

Visiting Egypt Be specific concerning travel advice to prevent unnecessary troublesome lockups.

Generally, according to the International tourism-related laws, tourists are advised to respect religious and social traditions in Egypt to prevent any unnecessary troublesome lockups. Egypt is a country which expects chastity and decency, and tourists must obtain their honesty by the behaviour and dress both. Besides, it will be an intelligent decision to deal with people verbally by following international law code, and prevent touching anyone at any time for own safety and security.

Safety and Security

  • Political and security situation

Egypt’s political stableness stands at a low rate, so, Egypt has been expecting unexpected political turmoil and restrictive political environment. Sometimes, violent protests and riots can result in numerous deaths. Anyhow, affiliation to political activities— regardless of choice, foreigners may be at risk of detention or other punishments.

  • Crime

The crime rate in Egypt estimated to a low figure, but a comparison to the previous years; tourist have been suffering armed robberies, mugging (Taxi drivers), sexual assault, and break-ins to accommodation and vehicles. Tourists must be superstitious about travel documents and travelling alone in public transportation. In any emergency contact the tourist police immediately.

  • Main Ambulance : 123
  • Tourist Police : 126
  • Traffic Police : 128
  • Emergency Police : 122
  • Local travel

There is a risk of travelling to below places,

  1. Cairo – Very aggressive community over business and money.
  2. North Sinai – Continuing criminal activities on police and security forces, resulted in deaths.
  3. South Sinai and Red Sea Governorates – Essential travels only.
  4. Egypt to Gaza crossing – Crossing must take place through the Egyptian Red Cresent: telephone: + 20 226 703 979, + 20 226 703 983.
  5. The Western Desert – The FCO advise against all but essential travels to the area west of the Nile Valley and Nile Delta regions excluding the coastal areas between the Nile Delta and Marsa Matruh.
  6. Hala’ib Triangle and Bir Tawil Trapezoid – The Hala’ib triangle is a territory located in between Egypt and Sudan.
  • Air Travel

Aviation risk is high caused by terrorist activities, and the security standards are tight for flights departing from Egypt to the UK. Because of the crash of St. Petersburg-bound flight in North Sinai in October 2015, most of the direct flights suspended between the UK and Sharm el-Sheikh. Anyhow, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office decided not to offer any advice to individual airlines.

  • Landmines

There is a lesser risk from unexploded landmines in some areas of the desert in the north-west of Egypt near to Alamein, and limited sites of the Mediterranean coast near Marsa Matrouh on the Red Sea coast south of Suez, still, High-risk areas marked in Red warnings.

Moreover, Egypt is a great destination and a UNESCO heritage site to visit; however, be ensured of its culture, human rights, and terrorist activities when planning a particular tour.


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