5 Great Reasons for Visiting Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire, a tropical nation in Asia, wealthy with ancient, ethnic and natural inheritance is the type of place that would make you think why more tourists don’t visit it. And it’ll work out brilliant for those who love to take “the road less toured by”. The construction, inhabitants, fashion, cusine and lifestyle are an ideal mix of East and West and the blend of Persian, Turkish, and Soviet inheritance makes it a destination like nothing else.

Its Intact Nature.

This destination is worth visiting in winter and also summer and spring. Fans of mountains must put this country onto their lists because amazing marvels are all over in the magnificent Caucasus scale. During winter, they’re white and brown, and stunning in a rough way. And amongst those enormous peaks are ice-covered waterfalls and brooks which are concealed but worth a hike. And icy lakes like the one in Gabala are marvelous. During spring, they change into a luxurious green and would take your breath away.

Mud Volcanoes.

Over a third of the world’s mud volcanoes are beside the Absheron Peninsula. Mud or sandy volcanoes by their technical title, blow up clouds of mud after pouches of subterranean gas construct pressure pushing it to the exterior. Azerbaijan’s Turaghai and Boyuk Khanizadagh are amid the world’s biggest at 700 metres (2297 feet). The volcanoes are inclined to fizz away gradually triggering the sides to form up over time.

The Natives.

Much like their Georgian neighbours, the lifestyle here makes individuals open and friendly. They’re welcoming, pleasant, inquisitive to know about where travelers are from and are constantly pleased to encounter tourists. Many of them don’t converse in English but most of them converse in Russian. The most marvelous thing is that even though speaking is difficult, they try to assist you in whatever way they can.

Mountain Villages.

The Caucasus Mountains extend over portions of northern Azerbaijan and Georgia forming a range of ancient and ethnic villages. Quba, in Azerbaijan’s northeast, is a preferred tourist destination. Adjacent Laza, Xinaliq and Buduq colonies make fascinating villages to tour to encounter a lifestyle nearly completely lost to time. The district is also residence to the East Caucasus Mountain Jews. It’s worthwhile to tour as a portion of an excursion.

The Historical, Traditional and Modern.

The construction in Azerbaijan is diverse. From Baku’s contemporary Flame Towers and lavish House of Government to old-fashioned fortresses and shrines spread here and there. The Walled City of Baku merges features of old-fashioned and customary Islamic Azerbaijan charms. Europeans, enticed by Baku’s initial oil boom during the 19th-century, fashioned the Old City with ornate and medieval construction. And similar to the other earlier socialist republics, such as those discovered in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, you’ll encounter the infinite apartment complexes which are normal of the 20th-century.


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