10 Ways to Get Cheaper Travel Insurance You Won’t Find Anywhere on the Web

With winter season approaching! Aren’t you planning to take that most waited dream getaway of your life? It’s the best time of the year to book flights for your holidays as most of the airlines offer their best price on airfares. You can also save more to get the best out of your trip by reducing the cost of your travel cover too. Make sure that buying travel insurance to be on top of you to do’ list before you start planning your trip. I have listed out some of the top tips on finding the cheapest travel insurance deals. So, it is worth checking a couple, if you are shopping around for Travel Insurance.

1. Why do I need travel insurance?

According to recent studies, it says most of the holidays are cancelled each year due to sudden illness, for a bad climatic condition or for returning from holiday destination for important work. If you find yourself in a situation like that, you’ll bless the day you took a policy out.

Air travel is much more accessible than ever before, with competition growing fiercer among the industry you will be having an overwhelming choice of Travel Insurance options. You can easily find the cheapest travel insurance for your trip even though you can’t assure it to be the best, you will need to pay more if you are looking for a decent level of cover.

2. What’s included?

After hours of shopping around, you will find that best and the cheapest option out of all travel insurance policies. I advise you not to jump and fill your cart, always make sure to check very carefully what is included in the policy, from lost baggage, to missed flights, illness and for winter sports before you purchase. Also, don’t forget to check the levels of cover. You need to make sure whether the insurer will pay out enough to cover the costs if something went wrong in your holiday destination. If you are happy with the amount quoted by the insurer, then no second thoughts, fill your carts if not check other deals that are available for you.

3. Too lazy! What is the easiest way to choose a cover?  

Is there any way out to get a travel insurance easily? If so, you can purchase a cover from a travel agent, that’s the most convenient way to get travel insurance. It’s tempting to get all of those arrangements sorted in one go, you’re unlikely to get the best deal in terms of cost and needs from your travel agent. Their cover can be quite limited and policies are usually more inexpensive than you’ll find elsewhere. You can also get better deals via websites that are exclusive for Travel Insurance policies.

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4. Go online to check with comparison sites

If you are looking for options that will keep the cost to a minimum, then there are overwhelming websites that are specially designed for smart travellers like you. It’s a simple and easy way to compare prices, head to a site that will allow you to compare plenty of different travel insurance quotes and check results across all of the comparison sites, they may slightly differ, so it is worth checking all the sites for a better deal.

I’ve got you a few recommendations to make things easy for you

  • Compare the Market
  • MoneySupermarket

Some travel policy issuers like Direct Line and Aviva don’t appear on comparison sites and are worth checking personally. By going directly to the insurer, you may even get a cheaper deal.

5. Are you already covered by your bank?

Some of the banks also include travel insurance as an added benefit of the account. The best example is the Nationwide Flex account they offer account holders the free UK and European travel insurance as if they pay in at least £750 each month. Most of the packaged accounts, where you will have to pay a monthly fee for a range of extras. Will include travel insurance as part of the package too. Though don’t forget to check exactly what the policy covers include as it may be a little basic. So, you can make the most of the bank offers to skip purchasing a full cover will save you more cash.

6. Include more people for bigger discounts

Companies that offer Travel insurance often give better rates for families and couples. Including your family to the policy plan will give you bigger discounts and if you are travelling with kids it’s worth it. Kids are wild and playful which will result in scrapes, bruises or even broken bones. If you are travelling internationally, adding your children to your travel insurance plan will add a level of security to your travel investment that may be the most at risk. Don’t let any tiny infection cost you hundreds of pounds in rescheduling or cancellation fees!

7. Travel insurance policies with excess to consider

When you are looking for travel insurance make sure to consider the excess. This is the part of the claim that you agree to cover, typically £50-£100. Always check the limit on individual items. You may need higher limits if you are carrying expensive pieces of jewellery. You can also check whether personal possessions are covered under your home contents policy. It may automatically include cover for some items away from home. You can ask for a discount on premiums if you don’t require possessions cover.

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8. Benefits of taking an annual cover to travel frequently

If you are a traveller who frequently travels abroad more than twice a year, it’s worth taking out annual travel insurance also known as multi-trip travel insurance. It’s an ideal choice for you it’s an insurance policy designed especially for people who make two or more holidays or business trips in 12 months. It works out much cheaper than buying single-trip policies each time you head abroad! They also represent much better value than buying cover as you go along. Its benefits include

  • Paying once for 12 months’ cover
  • Travel insurance for an unlimited amount of holidays
  • savings increase the more you travel

9. Be precautions

When you are booking your holiday it’s worth paying the deposit with a credit card. To be in the safer side to secure the whole cost of the holiday, under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, as long as the payment exceeds £100. Credit card companies are equally liable with the supplier, the insurer in this case – for providing a refund if services are not satisfactory. If you book a package holiday through a member of the Association of British Travel Agents then you will get your money back if anything went wrong. Always make sure to book accommodation with an ABTA travel agent and flights with providers that hold an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence – if either go bust your money will be refunded.

10. Don’t be too adventurous!

Most of the travel insurance policies will not cover risky activities from skiing to horse riding. Don’t go for such adrenaline rushing activities if it isn’t covered by your policy! Make sure you are fully covered for sporting activities you are planning, such as Whitewater rafting or bungee jumping. If you are going skiing or taking part in other winter sports you will usually be asked to pay extra as these activities generate more claims than a beach or a city break in a country. 

And finally,

You must even read the smallest print of your travel insurance policy carefully. Make sure you know exactly what is covered and what is not. There are exceptions and limits in every policy and claiming you didn’t know of them when you took the cover out will not make any difference.

If you’ve not done this before, it could save you hundreds of pounds on shopping for travel insurance. Use these handy tips to cut costs. Need more advice on finding the best travel insurance that suits you? Tell us in the comments below or simply call Travel Center hotline our travel experts will get you the best deal that you are looking for.

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