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Yoga & Surf Retreat Hotspots

One of the most influential things you could do when you’re travelling is to surrender and passionately roam. When you initially hear these words put together—mindful + travel—they’re most likely going to invoke the idea of being hyper-conscious, and thorough about all the tiny details of everything you’re doing when on holiday, or out there on the road.       

Now, where is the entertainment in that?

Yes, it’s a great idea to pay attention and to enjoy what’s taking place at the moment, because any time you’re truly present for what you’re encountering, life is that much wealthier. It is helpful to remember to be in the moment when you’re travelling, but one of the most conscious things you could do when you’re travelling is to be free—to surrender any big sense of purpose, the type of thing that probably pushes you in your day-to-day life. So it’s certainly time to break free and take that holiday for your soul, it’s a much-needed experience after this whole pandemic.

Yoga fans or passionate surfers don’t have to look any further than our suggested yoga and surfing destinations, where you could run-through your board skills or incorporate the love of both exercises in a warm, calm climate.


Indonesia’s hotspot, Bali lives up to its fame as the most popular surf spot in the world with intimidating breaks which include, Padang Padang and the Uluwatu. There are plenty of spots for beginners as well who are learning to surf and breaks like Canggu which provide something for all stages.

Bali is also widely recognized for some of the world’s top yoga classes, and there are various types of yoga which is provided here.

Bali is way more than only a surfer and yoga utopia. Here you’ll come across sincerely kind people with a wealthy and varied culture that’s difficult to beat. Bali hints at a spiritual soul with its regular flower petal offerings and temple rituals. From the peace and tranquility found deep in the forests to magnificent beaches and supreme nightlife, Bali has everything.

The ideal time to surf in Indonesia is in the dry season from May until September, but you could find good surfing from April until October as well.  

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Sri Lanka

Don’t misjudge Sri Lanka’s comparatively tiny size, as its 1,340 kilometres of coast is filled with spectacular surf spots. While Sri Lanka has waves in all shapes and sizes for all stages, it’s mainly alluring to beginner surfers. Its many sand-bottomed breaks with very regular swells bring in the ideal sized wave to practice on, basically throughout the year.  

How many people do you know could say they’ve had a yoga Sri Lanka retreat in the jungles of this country or a short distance away from its spectacular beaches? And while yoga here is surely not new to the area, it is gradually but certainly becoming famous, so book your next retreat before it becomes too packed! 

The ideal time to surf the east coast would be from May until September, and the ideal waves in the south could be found from October until April.

Costa Rica

Take delight in private surfing lessons at this surfing destination with the best spots, so you could truly hit the waves and test yourself, whether you are a beginner or an expert surfer.

Surrounded by jungle, tropical paradise beaches with the top surf spots, natural swimming pools, and lots of stunning waterfalls and national parks, you’ll discover complete paradise in Costa Rica for the best yoga and surf experience.

So make the most of the hot weather by enjoying and being fit in the tropical waters of this beach heaven, where you could also improve your health while having the time of your life.


Croatia’s extensive expanses of coast and stunningly jagged landscapes offer the ideal setting for a wellbeing holiday. The country’s geographic variety gives itself to an exceptional choice of healthy retreats — you can be stretching out on a stony mountaintop, or practising meditation on a beach with a chilling salt breeze travelling in from the Adriatic.     

These relaxed Islands would capture your heart and feed your soul. The spectacular setting and nature make the ideal background for a yoga retreat where you could take in the sunshine, swim in the therapeutic ocean, and tour the native villages and immaculate beaches.

Surfing Croatia’s sea is a great way to unwind, and get away from the pressure of everyday life. You need to know that the country is home to around a thousand islands, so spending time along its coast or at sea is a must-do. Croatia may not be a leading surf destination in Europe but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride several awesome waves there.

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When you are planning a yoga & surf retreat you have to know the various types of accommodations or resorts and what they offer

  • Surf Camps offer beginner, intermediate, advanced, and top surf coaching and all-day use of surfboards.
  • Boutique Hotels offer yoga studios with morning and evening sessions, and surf coaches providing enjoyable, safe, and demanding classes whatever your stage of experience.
  • Luxury Calm Resorts provide therapeutic massages and yoga, surfboards, and surf lessons which would allow you to channel your inner peace and manifest your other adrenaline-filled side.

When you are planning your yoga travel you have to also know what you have to pack for your yoga retreat;

  • Yoga Clothing – Take a couple of stretchy but fitting yoga pants, and tank tops.
  • Yoga Mat and Towel – You would be more relaxed practicing on your mat. Take a small towel to wipe away sweat in between stances. This is a tiring exercise and you would sweat a lot during sessions.
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses – You’ll need safety from the hazardous ultraviolet rays when you go out to surf, swim, or just sit on the beach and meditate.
  • Water Bottle – Hydration is important during yoga practice, particularly during hot and humid climate conditions, so during your yoga travel make sure you take your own reusable bottle to be an eco-champion by lessening the use of non-reusable water bottles.   
  • Yoga Props – If you are a beginner, props could help you hold those difficult poses for longer without much discomfort. Don’t be excessive and take a whole set of props, that would just take too much space in your baggage. A couple of simple props like yoga blocks, straps, and a neck pillow would be more than sufficient. 

Call Travel Center today for your tailor-made surf and yoga retreats that would offer you the peace of mind, and tranquility that you need in your life right now!

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