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Wuhan is seized: Coronavirus cripples the Chinese health and safety standards

Wuhan is seized

The recent outbreak in China’s Wuhan coronavirus infection rises to 572 and the death of 17 people as the local authorities confirmed. This virus is of a respiratory virus which is recognized as a Sars-like virus that first happened during December. 

The Wuhan city and the market has been barricaded and the masked-up government officials are investigating the circumstance. The virus has been transmitting from animals to humans due to poor conditions in the Seafood Market of the city where they had sold wild animals, raccoon dogs, snakes, and skinned birds. The scientists say the virus is constantly rising and it is becoming stronger by spreading among humans to humans. 

Professor Leo Poon from Hong Kong is one of the first virologists to identify the virus. According to his statement, he believes, the virus transmitted from animals to humans. The virus is causing pneumonia, and it doesn’t respond to any antibiotic medications.

The international attention called among the World Health Organization for an emergency meeting to discuss further regarding how to prevent the spread of the virus. They had recalled another meeting by procrastinating for an expert committee, and are still deciding to declare if it is a global health emergency. 

According to Xinhua, the tourism and culture department of Wuhan postponed all public gatherings and group tours. The tourist attractions and star-rated hotels are not hosting any large events until February 8th to guard the health and safety of their citizens. 

The Wuhan city’s Guiyuan Temple which attracted 700,000 people last year for the Lunar New year has also been held without any plans this year. Millions of Chinese citizens were preparing to travel for the Lunar New Year– discouraged them to take part in traveling across the country and the world. The Local transportation systems of stations and airports shut due to the deadly virus.  

The extremely serious condition is also reported outside China by creating fear among other continents.  The United States, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea have found infections of the virus that they had confirmed its Sars coronavirus. Most of the airports are screening passengers for viruses to prevent any unnecessary difficulties. 

The Wuhan city gates are closed and China’s essential travel and tourism are endangered due to the deadly virus, and it has been affecting the Chinese economy since the past few days.


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