World Travel Lifestyle Expo.

WTLE is targeted to be an important event of WTE for the native and global tourism trade in the Philippines. The event gathers together destinations, tourist appeals and also establishments and business trade connections in the sector of hotels, airlines, cruise and other methods of travel around the world. It promises to offer a successful stage which could assist the Philippines in worldwide tourism and its growth via a one-stop solution of endorsing sales and brand consciousness of each partaking businesses.

Traveling could be costly and without proper preparation – your dream holiday could become a nightmare quite quickly. From baggage breaking halfway to your hotel, or just missing a significant detail about your journey could be a real disappointment. But don’t fear! All these small things could be fixed rather simply if you plan in advance.

The crowd during World Travel Expo in October 2018

World Travel Lifestyle Expo is taking place at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City during April 5, 6 and 7.

It would be a three-day show, with two zones, specifically: The Travel Zone and The Lifestyle Zone. The travel zone would display a massive collection of hotels and resorts, travel destinations, travel coverages, and travel organizations that all types of travelers could appreciate. The second segment is known as, The Lifestyle zone, would consist of travel treats and specially priced merchandises such as baggage, travel decorations, and other facilities that could help you make sure that you get a hassle-free holiday for your next visit!

Exhibitors and Guests would also be offered an opportunity to take part in the event’s best part, like Raffle draws, travel photography and various others!

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