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Winter Holiday Packing List: The Essentials & More

Taking off on a journey while winter breathes all around you is excruciatingly exciting for some people. But while a devil-may-care attitude keeps you on your toes, giving your winter holiday packing list the cold shoulder might not be the best idea.

So, this is for people who are antsy for the cold and appreciate a handy dandy list of field-tested essentials for winter travel.

Table of Contents

1. Europe Winter Travel Essentials
2. Winter Travel Gear
3. Europe Backpacking Necessities
4. Toiletries to pack for winter travel in Europe
5. Winter Travel: Do’s & Don’ts
6. Conclusion

Europe Winter Travel Essentials

Now, maybe this list isn’t necessarily tailored to one specific trip, but it does give you a general overview of what you should include in your Winter holiday packing list.

Winter Holiday Packing List

Winter Clothing List

First things first, it’s imperative to understand that not everything that goes into your suitcase has to be bulky just because it’s winter.

Wait what…?

That’s right; I repeat, not everything has to be bulky! So, what do you pack? Well, merino wool is a real helper. Not only is it lightweight, but in wintertime, these sweaters will keep you as warm as a regular acrylic sweater – minus the itching, which just sweetens the whole deal.

Let’s also keep in mind that the goal isn’t just to keep the heat in – you’ll need to wear something that prevents you from overheating when you walk into someplace warmer after wandering around in 30-degree weather outside. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Surprise, surprise, your saviour is once again merino wool.

Here are a few more things you’ll need to include in your winter clothing list!

  •  Flannel Shirts: cosy, stretchable, and warm!
  • Sweaters & Long Sleeve Crew: the basics
  • Travel Jeans: specifically designed to solve travel-related woes.
  • Water Resistant Pants: they dry off in a few minutes, keeping you warm and dry.
  • Weatherproof Boots & Warm Wool Socks: for long hours of walking and exploring

Winter Travel Gear

Winter Holiday Packing List

Here’s what a typical list of your winter gear list should look like:

  • Winter Sports Gear:  to save a ton of cash on rentals.
  • Chapstick & Moisturiserfor chapped lips & thirsty, parched skin! 
  • Day Bag: to store extra layers, camera equipment, a phone charger, snacks, & other trinkets.
  • Travel-Friendly Camera: a pocket-sized Canon Powershot would do just fine.

Europe Backpacking Necessities

You can’t hit the road in Europe without sneaking in some of these essentials into your winter holiday packing list, especially if you’re planning on saving a few extra bucks by choosing to stay in a hostel.

The most common crime you’ll need to worry about in Europe is petty theft, so the harder it is to steal your stuff, the better. 

Winter Holiday Packing List - Backpack

But enough of all that – let’s get into the important stuff, shall we?

  • Lightweight Combination Locks: You’ll need locks for almost all of your hostel lockers. Some may actually provide you with a key for a built-in lock, but we think you should take one with you just to be on the safe side.
  • Outlet Splitters: Outlets are at a premium in Europe, especially at hostels – they’re just never as common as you want them to be!
  • Portable, Lockable Safe: Cause why not, right? Bringing a tiny portable lockable safe is your shot at securing your passport, phone, money and other small valuables.
  • Travel Laundry Supplies: Now, most hostels offer laundry services, but if we’re really digging deep into the whole “save more money” mandate, we really should be taking every chance we get.

Toiletries to pack for winter travel in Europe

Here’s the deal, the winter sun can be surprisingly strong, so when you’re preparing your winter holiday packing list, make sure to pack in some extra products to take care of any exposed skin (so, basically, your face).

Winter Holiday Packing List

Here’s what you should throw in your bag!

  • Hand Salve: Nobody likes cracked skin, especially when you’ll be wearing gloves most of the time. So, trust us! Pack a tin of hand salve to rub into your cuticles, knuckles, elbows and anywhere else that needs some extra moisture. You can’t forget to take care of yourself in the rush of all things.
  • Sunscreen: Even when the cloud is full of shades of grey, you’re at risk of sun damage. And in case you didn’t know, snow acts like a giant mirror, bouncing UV rays directly into your face. Now, you don’t want that – nobody does, So, make sure to pack some lightweight facial sunscreen.
  • MoisturiserThere’s a 100% chance that you’re skin is going to be dry as a bone during this winter holiday, so you’ll need to be at the top of your moisturising game.

Winter Travel: Do’s & Don’ts!

  • Do pack in layers 

 It will provide the same amount of warmth as heavy sweaters.

  • Don’t pack heavy sweaters!

Don’t let bulky clothing eat up the space in your suitcase.

  • Do pack double-duty footwear!

No high heels unless you’re planning on walking on solid ground for the entirety of your winter holiday. So, the best solution is to find something fancy, durable, warm and comfortable enough to endure it all.

  • Don’t pack a coat

We’re not saying you can’t bring it with you, just that you shouldn’t burden your luggage with such a big piece of clothing. A better option would be to just wear it and carry it in your hands until you reach your destination.

  • Do pack warm accessories!

Winter accessories may not be “your thing” but they can be your best friend in the colder climates. So, bring a scarf or two, a woollen ear warmer, a pair of gloves, a knee sleeve and of course, a hat.


And there you have it, folks! We hope this gave you an idea of what you should try to fit into your winter holiday packing list! If you’re interested in this topic, make sure to keep an eye out in the next few days! We’ve got a lot more articles on winter travel coming your way.

If you have any additions, you’d like to make to this winter holiday packing list, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Also, if you’re on the verge of planning a winter holiday, feel free to let us know! We’d be more than happy to give you a glimpse of our best offers and discounts.

Winter Holiday Packing List

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