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Why Book Your 2022 Holidays Early? Here’s Why!

If you’re in love with travelling as much I am, then you know what’s it like for your holiday to be dangled in front of your eyes & then taken away at the very moment you try to catch it. Yeah, that’s what 2021 has made me feel like (hopefully, it’s not as bad for you). BUT, that’s all the more reason for you to start thinking about booking your 2022 holidays early.

And you know I’m all for being spontaneous, but a little early holiday planning goes a long way in shaping it to be the perfect trip you’ve always wanted. So, who knows? Maybe this whole “book your 2022 holidays early” thing might work out for you. It might be just what you need.

Now, hopefully, you agree. But, if you’re still on the fence – I happen to be packing five significant reasons for you to start thinking about booking your 2022 holidays early.

So, don’t knock it till you try it.

1) Two words. Low-deposits & flexibility

To call what the travel industry went through in 2020 a setback would be the understatement of the century. Therefore, I feel bad for all the businesses and employees and just everyone. However – let’s not forget the fact that it also normalised low-deposit holidays. Again, really sad about what almost every business went through, but don’t even think of saying you’re not happy about the low-deposit schemes.

To me, low-deposit schemes are complete game-changers. It helps you secure your holiday; while making sure you’re not breaking your bank account trying to pay for something you deserve. Plus, a lot of travel agencies in the UK have been pumping these bad boys out for all sorts of holiday deals, making it one of the perfect reasons to book your 2022 holiday early.

Plus, you get an amazing look into the world of flexible instalment plans, where you don’t necessarily have to dump all your money in at once, but rather pay for your trip over a period of time and save up for your trip so that you get access to an elevated experience. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Yeah, well you wouldn’t be the first to think that! Hence, why I think you should contact a travel agency in the UK (maybe Travel Center UK) and book your 2022 holidays early.

2) It’s all about choice!

Whoever said booking your holidays early has no benefits lied. It’s as simple as that. Dear fellow humans, parrots (yes, I know people who identify as parrots, hi Trinity!) and reptiles living among us in a human skin suit – I would like to introduce you to the concept of choice.

When you book early with travel agencies in the UK, you get a tremendous amount of choice (in everything). But I guess it’s not technically rocket science. I mean, If you’re the first in line, you get first pick – makes sense right? I’m sure nobody says no to that.

3) Who doesn’t like anticipation?

Let’s be honest here; we’ve missed obsessively stalking our calendars – counting down the days till we get to take that one ride to the airport that’s going to change almost everything. When you book in advance, you’ve got plenty of time to build anticipation, get excited, and make all your friends jealous (the last one only applies to those of you who secretly hate your friends). 

4) Plan your way to a good time!

Like I said before, being spontaneous is important. It makes people want to text you back. It makes you fun. However, if this is your first holiday in a while, you’re not leaving it up to chance. Since we’re not in the clear yet, it’s better to meticulously plan your journey from A-Z.

So, wave goodbye to last-minute stress. We don’t need any of that in our headspace.

5) You just want attention

It’s no secret that many travel agencies have a tendency to give you more attention when you book early. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

You see, travel agencies are far more likely to hit you with their best shot if you’re first and not scrambling to secure your place when there’s a crystal-clear lack of availability. I mean, they’ll definitely treat you right, but we’re not aiming for just “right,” are we? Nope. We want the special treatment, and an easy way to get that is to book your 2022 holidays early.

So, I guess it goes without saying that we happen to be a travel agency in the UK (oh, what a pleasant coincidence!) and we have most of the options mentioned above (another pleasant coincidence?? My, my, we’re on quite a roll, aren’t we?). 

So, if you’re ever thinking about what booking your 2022 holidays early would look like with us, feel free to call us or send an email.


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