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Where can I go on holiday? Vs. Where should I go on holiday?

I’m sure you’ve heard way too many echoes of “where can I go on holiday now?” this past year. So, let’s take a look at our options. I mean, sure we’re not out of the woods yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming about where we’ll be later this year.

Keep reading to find out about the countries that are welcoming vaccinated travellers right now and the countries we can’t wait to visit. We’re finally answering all the ‘where can I go on holiday?’ questions. 

1) Where should I go on holiday: Romania

I would like to go back to a time when Romania was just Romania.

Ever since I watched Van Helsing, all I can picture are misty streets, gothic architecture and the cow that Dracula’s bride threw into a villager’s house. God, I loved that cow. He was on screen for 4 seconds, but he’s been in my heart for over 10 years (Now that’s what I call acting, GIVE HIM AN OSCAR GOD DAMN IT!).

(Also, I know that movie took place in Transylvania, but I keep connecting the two).

Anyways, gone are the days where winged vampires (who are also extremely attractive??) ruled over the snow-dusted roofs of Romania. Now, it’s all about sunshine, mystifying architecture & nature’s best portraits. If you ask me, it’s only a matter of time before Romania becomes one of the most sought-after holiday destinations.

Is Romania on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Sadly, not yet. Romania is yet to appear on UK’s travel green list. The country may very well make an appearance in the future. But for now, it’s a no.

2) Where can I go on holiday: Iceland

If you’re an avid follower of Travel Center UK (which some of you aren’t 😢), you’ll know that we’ve been nudging Iceland into your heads from basically all of our social media platforms (FOLLOW US!!!). Well, surprise! This is why. That’s right, in addition to being an alluring alchemy, Iceland is also one of the few countries that allow entry to vaccinated travellers. 

From neon green night skies to sunshine piercing waterfalls, this country has a lot that you would like to unpack. Plus, we have tons of holiday deals that go easy on your wallet & flexible payment plans in case you can’t book it in one go.

Is Iceland on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Yup! Pack your bags folks, Iceland is officially on the UK travel green list.

Fact: My ‘where can I go on holiday?’ Kerfuffle ended the minute I realised what a beauty Iceland was.

3) Where should I go on holiday: Cyprus

I’ve never really understood a traveller’s love for the sunny side of life. I mean, yeah, daylight is nice and whatever, but I’ve never really enjoyed it. I’ve always found comfort in the stormy grey skies, that is – until I laid eyes on Cyprus. 

Call me cheesy, but Cyprus is show-stopping.

Emerald shrubs & bushes, turquoise waters – Cyprus’s colours are vibrant and purely breath-taking if we’re being honest. So, if you have any summer plans that involve going on holiday, make sure to include Cyprus in it. 

Is Cyprus on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Not for now, at least. Cyprus is one of the many countries that didn’t make an appearance on the UK’s travel green list. The list will be reviewed every 2 weeks, though. So, the chances of Cyprus making the cut in the near future isn’t far-fetched.

4) Where can I go on holiday: Portugal

I’ve always wanted to say something controversial and stir up some drama. So, if you travel maniacs want to come for my neck, then here’s something that might do the trick.

Portugal > France

I said what I said. Breathe if you agree.

Now, based on my belief that none of you are actually holding your breath, I have to tell you why Portugal deserves to be on your bucket list. You see, Portugal takes your dwindling sense of wanderlust sky-high. From artistic treasure chests and banter-filled streets, Portugal is everything France wishes it was. Eiffel who? From the drowned village of Vilarinho da Fuma to igreja de são francisco, the gothic church covered in ornate gold, Portugal is more than prepared to blow your minds. Good luck topping that, France.

Is Portugal on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Portugal is open to travellers from the UK. The country has moved to the UK’s travel green list, and we couldn’t be any happier. After all, it’s Portugal! Click here to snatch your holiday now.

5) Where should I go on holiday: Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka’s like the character in a movie that shines from a mile away. I mean, yeah, sure, they usually end up being the bad guy, but you get it. Sri Lanka always gleams. Character analysis aside, the island is home to an array of bliss-evoking beaches, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, misty mountains and mellow green spaces. 

But did I say that was all? No, I didn’t. The tropically-amicable island also plays host to a plethora of fervid festivals, a cuisine that slaps no matter where you taste it (regardless of a high-scale restaurant or street stall), exotic wildlife sensations and a heartbeat-racing line of activities to do for landlubbers and sea-sport lovers alike. From hiking, cycling and rock climbing to surfing, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing & rafting, there’s no place for the curious like Sri Lanka. 

Is Sri Lanka on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Sri Lanka is one of the many countries not welcoming tourists right now; it is not on the UK travel green list as well. It’s sad, but we have no choice but to wait until things clear up to see Sri Lanka again.

6) Where can I go on holiday: Australia

We can’t ignore Australia. Nobody ignores Australia. 

Ah, Australia, the modern daydream wrapped in echoes of the past – what a sight. One look at this destination is all it takes for it to strip you of your worries. So, trust us when we say that you can’t be prepared for what comes with this country. The moment you start exploring, Australia’s upbeat vibe surrounds you – it swirls around you, pushing images of every popular tourist attraction you’ve seen on the internet into your mind. There’s a surreal wave of highlights waiting for you. So, I guess the real question is – what are you waiting for?

Is Australia on the list of quarantine-free countries?

We’re glad you asked, because yes, it is! Last week, Australia was officially announced as one of the countries on the UK’s green travel list. However, you might need to look out for some travel restrictions. We’d be more than happy to help you book a low-cost 2022 holiday to the country too.

7) Where should I go on holiday: Switzerland 

Switzerland didn’t need to own the cottage core aesthetic this well, but it did, and I’m in love.

If there’s one place the term “alpine paradise” fits, it’s Switzerland. The cloudless blue sky, the old school anime-styled houses & bliss injected sceneries are a few reasons why everybody falls head over heels for Switzerland. Plus, for most of us, 2021 is starting to feel a lot like 2020 – and that’s not amazing. We’re counting the days until we get to see this place and come back from being on-edge for 2 years in a row. It’s been a while since most of us got in touch with serenity.

Is Switzerland on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Not right now. We’re praying for it to move to the UK travel green list sometime shortly. Everyone desperately needs a trip to the country.

8) Where can I go on holiday: Singapore

It should be illegal for Singapore’s airport to look that breath-taking.

Singapore is what every urban getaway wishes to be. You don’t even have to leave the country’s airport to have your jaw hit the floor. The wonders start hitting you the moment you step out of that aeroplane. Skyscrapers gleaming in the sunlight, world-renowned resorts by the bay and futuristic gardens make for one unforgettable adventure, don’t you think?

Is Singapore on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Yes! Singapore is on the UK travel green list. So, if you have any plans on visiting, make sure to check in with us. We have a range of discounts and deals to help you out.

9) Where should I go on holiday: Monaco

How is almost everyone in Monaco filthy rich?

This extravagant oasis packs more than you can imagine. Sure, it can be expensive, but you’re visiting after almost 2 years – it’s a case of going big or going home if you ask me. With opulent yachts, high-rise hotels and shiny casinos, this tiny yet precious country is basically an ode to every traveller who is currently dreaming of a luxury holiday from the comfort of their seamless futons.

Is Monaco on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Sadly, your luxury escape to Monaco is going to have to wait. Monaco has not yet made it on the UK travel green list. We’ll be sure to let you know if it does in the next couple of weeks.

10) Where can I go on holiday: Gibraltar

My, my, Gibraltar certainly does look good!

Gibraltar is a stellar holiday destination. From bright blue skies and ocean view escapades, it’s a dream come true, especially at a time like this. Explore botanical gardens, towering peaks and underground tunnels to cook up a holiday unlike any other. Gibraltar is one of the few destinations to be cosy yet grand insights all at once. So, it definitely would be a shame to miss out on this holiday destination.

Is Gibraltar on the list of quarantine-free countries?

Good news. Gibraltar is on the UK’s travel green list, meaning you can book a trip right now. Make sure you get a good look at our budget-hugging holiday deals before you secure your trip, though.

We hope that answered the whole ‘where can I go on holiday?’ dilemma (don’t worry, I know we didn’t even come close). Still, which one of these destinations would you visit?


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