What to expect from London Fashion Week 2019

In this commercial world, everything is upgrading day by day, why not fashion! No matter what era we come from change is exactly what we can see constantly when it comes to style. As fashion devotees, we always like to be updated with the latest trends around the world and follow new styles due to many reasons depending on our lifestyles. Everyone wants to look good, it’s not the complexion or features that make you look good, but for a charming personality, one should have a wise dressing sense and unique styling.

For a better dressing, most of us think fashion magazines and fashion channels can help us with trending styles. But it’s nothing like being sited on the first row with a spectacular view of the runaway where beautiful models are in the spotlight in catwalk with the latest style for the season, and you will experience the show live which looks more glamorous than glossy photoshopped photography on a fashion blog.

Fashion lovers, it’s time to plan your outfit for the London Fashion Week (LFW) 2019, which take place in the fashion capital of London twice a year on February and September, there’s also dedicated men’s fashion week show that held in January and June as well.  This massive event attracts so much global attention by showcasing over 250 designer’s collections, it is one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks, comes along with the New York, Milan and Paris. Every year London Fashion Week creatively express their style to inspire millions of people around the world to discover and engage with top fashion brands and to show how far the UK has come up to the fashion world.

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London Fashion Week is a five-day event often seen as a hotspot for celebrities and fashionistas. So, make sure to wear your best outfit for the show and fashion lovers book your space earlier to avoid any disappointments tickets are always in demand each year.

LFW 2018 receive the majority of press coverage when it became the first major fashion week to go fur-free. So, this year show goers can expect more diversity in the collections it will definitely endeavour to entice the fickle fashion crowd with their unique theme catwalk shows.

Today, London Fashion Week is held at the British Fashion Council Show Space at The Store X on 180 The Strand in Central London. You’ll also find the LFW Designer Showrooms here; London is the only one out of the big four fashion capitals to host the catwalk shows and showrooms in the same space.

The London Fashion Week is a huge five-day event that will begin on September 13 until September 17. It will be the first of the four global Fashion Week’s to embrace inclusivity, opening the doors to both trade and the public to join a celebration of fashion’s creativity, community and diversity, which will be full to the brim with industry workers and celebrities dressed to impress.

In LFW 2019, you will have a chance to sit in the front row at catwalk shows by London Fashion Week designers, get a head start on the key trends of the coming season and listen to talks by industry experts for more fashion insights.

LFW is the most prominent fashion week, that draws a large number of fashion goers from different regions into the fashion capital of London. Each season, you can look forward to a unique overall concept of choreography in a runway show that we adore. The fashion show allows people to get more closer to the models and understand the clothing trends in style.

This year LFW will feast your eyes with vibrant collections when the model hits the runway with soundtrack and lighting, which will leave you inspired and engaged from beginning to end. The show will surely inspire you to have a unique wardrobe collection and a chance to discover new style outfits from designers not only that you can meet your favourite models, fashion editors and prominent designers to get fashion advice personally. Let us know how excited are you for the LFW 2019 comment below.

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