Virgin Atlantics’ Massive Winter Sale is officially on!

Virgin Atlantics' Massive Winter Sale is officially on!

Attention all Travellers!

No longer will you have to spend long hours searching for a flight deal that is well below your budget. Well, at least until Virgin Atlantics’ winter sale stands that is! Upholding some of the best prices you’ll ever lay eyes on, the airlines’ winter sale is your ticket to making a massive saving on your next holiday. With promotional offers and long-haul discounts, here’s everything you need to know about the sale. 

Some of their best prices include the cheapest fares, that start from a staggering £235, while package holidays start at £369pp. 

Return flights from London Heathrow to Boston start from £235, a great value unlike any other! While return flights from London Gatwick to Orlando, a city that is considered a traveller favourite because of Disney World and all things related, start from just £284. More notable mentions include fares to New York that starts from £260, San Francisco from £288 and Los Angeles from £297.

And now, to the more luxury side of the sale

If you’ve been wanting to seek the glimmering glitz of Las Vegas then you’ll be able to book four nights for £369 per person, this includes return flights as well as accommodation.

Besides the above, there are also flights to Tobago starting at £407, Antigua at £470, Grenada at £427 and Barbados at £446 respectively. Following this, flights to Tel Aviv start at £255 and Mumbai at £425. 

However, the airline isn’t stopping right there! As an added incentive, Virgin Atlantic recently unveiled its newly designed cabins. “Designed with love, built for the future” is what summed up the reveal. The new cabins boast a sleek set of features, with perfection residing within all of them in different ways! Making your journey across the sky as memorable as the holiday that is to follow up on it. All while maintaining the “unmistakable Virgin Atlantic flair”.

Economy Class

  • Virgin_Atantic_Economy

The newest economy class seats are reformed with exquisite highlights. With tailor-made materials covering the seats, a six-way adjustable seat has been implemented to ensure the highest degree of comfort. With this also comes an 11.5-inch seatback screen packed with a galore of entertainment options, and enough USB power ports to get all your gadgets through the flight.

Features you need to know about
  • Brand new upgraded seats in luxury fabrics
  • 11.5-inch seatback screens
  • USB ports
  • Up to 17.4-inch seat width
  • 31-inch Classic and Light seat pitch
  • 34-inch Economy Delight seat pitch
  • Six-way adjustable headrest with neck support
  • Intuitive new entertainment system, controllable by your personal device

Premium Economy Class

Spacious leather seats and high-end finishing are few of the many elements that await you in Virgin Atlantic’s newest rendition of the Premium Economy Class.

Features you need to know about
  • Four-way adjustable headrest
  • Generous 7-inch recline
  • Full-size bi-fold table
  • Lots more areas and pockets for storage
  • USB ports
  • 18.5-inch seat width
  • 13-inch seatback screens
  • Intuitive new entertainment system, controllable by your personal device
  • Luxurious claret leather seat

Upper Class

Upper Class

Upholstered by luxury, the airlines’ upper class is one of the most ideal ways to enjoy the amenities of flying with Virgin Airlines. With adjustable mood lighting, an 18.5-inch screen with entertainment options and amplified privacy comes Virgin Atlantics’ newest version of the upper class.

  • 44-inch pitch
  • 20-inch seat width
  • Seamless transition from seat to bed
  • All aisle access seats
  • All window facing seats
  • Deployable privacy screens
  • Additional working surfaces
  • Intuitive new entertainment system, controllable by your personal device
  • USB ports and AC power socket (UK/US/EU)

The Loft

The Loft

Meet your fellow passengers, make your way to dine with friends or grab a drink, the Loft is an exuberant space for upper class passengers to spend time in. What’s more? You can also sink into the depths of complete ease with the 32-inch screen that is at your disposal. In addition to which the airlines’ cabin crew act as the epitome of good quality service.

There’s no better time to discover these deals and new cabins than right now while the winter sale is on! So, if you’ve been planning a holiday make sure you don’t wait it too long.

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