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UK Issue’s Travel Advisory to India Over Women’s Safety Concern

On November 19th, the British Government issued a detailed information sheet regarding their citizen’s safety if they were to be the victim or rather, survivor of sexual assault and even proceeded to advise travellers, especially women, about visiting India. While the British advisory was not a result of the country’s most recent turn of events, where Priyanka Reddy, a veterinarian from Hyderabad was gang-raped and burned. It just further reinforces the grim truth that women’s safety in the country is in fact, deteriorating by the minute.

Following this most recent and immensely unfortunate event, a flurry of outrage erupted as locals flooded the streets seeking for an immediate stance of justice, which meant that the four arrested men be sentenced to death without a trial. Because clearly, they do not deserve it.

Meanwhile, the UK advisory also went on to list, that in recent times, there have been several cases of sexual assault on British citizens. In just 2018 alone there were more than a dozen foreign nationals reporting to have been the victim of unwanted verbal or physical harassment. In April 2018, a Latvian woman was sexually assaulted and strangled in Thiruvallam while more recently in December 2018, a British woman was raped in Goa.

In the wake of Priyanka Reddy’s case, locals have become vocal as to how each time it’s the same story with the same rotten calibre of people harming innocent women. While condolences, apologies, candle marches and banners shower the same important message and raise awareness. It never seems to bring in the expected change, because as per statistics, rape is the 4th most common crime in India.

The travel advisory mainly encapsulates details such as:

  1. If you’re a woman travelling to India you should avoid isolated areas, including beaches, if and when, you’re alone at any given point of the day
  2. If you see the slightest hint of harassment, do not hesitate to file a report at the nearby police station
  3. Avoid travelling alone or by any modes of public transportation that seems empty or just sketchy in general. Make sure to avoid rickshaws and taxi’s at night as well.
  4. If you’re in need of immediate assistance, please do call 100 for help from the police or 1091 or 1096 if you’re the victim of sexual harassment.

So, abiding by the rules of the advisory would seem more than appropriate if you are planning on travelling to India, especially parts such as Goa, Delhi and Rajasthan.


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