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Typhoon Hagibis: The Aftermath and the Ongoing Danger

Reported to be the largest storm Japan has seen in decades, Typhoo Hagibis thrashed into the country on Saturday, causing torrential rain and heavy winds. The storm flooded rivers and caused drastic changes to the country’s weather patterns, showing signs of both hurricanes and tornadoes forming. Locals and tourists have both claimed that winds were as strong as a category 4 hurricane and that it was an incredibly tumultuous experience to endure.

Cancellations were made as the cities, railways, and airlines rushed to prepare for the incoming storm. As the powerful typhoon churned towards Japan, authorities were quick to cancel hundreds of flights and matches in the Rugby World Cup to issue an immediate evacuation alert to millions of people in the typhoons’ path.

However, according to the National Broadcaster, 66 people are known to have died, 200 have been injured and more than 15 people are missing. Recent statistics also revealed that about 138,000 households were without water and that 24,000 were without electricity through the entire time frame of the disaster.

Battered and bruised, images have started coming in showing the trail of destruction Typhoon Hagibis left behind. As of right now, the land of the rising sun has deployed thousands of troops to help rebuild houses and search for all the citizens who are unfortunately still missing.

Even though rescue efforts are now underway and power is being restored, the threat from Typhoon Hagibis still remains. Level 5 warnings (which indicate life threatening situations) are still in full effect since there is a very strong chance of more landfall and unprecedented rain. Tourists are advised to halt their holiday to Japan until further news from authorities confirm that the country is safe for tourists to visit.

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